02/07/04  Consider the source: Mutually beneficial collaborations between U of M and Dow
Source:  www.trwnews.net

Recently Dow contracted Dr. David Garabrant of the U of M to design a study to determine the typical blood level of dioxin in residents of Saginaw and Midland counties.  State health officials say the studies are not linked to their study and that the Department of Community Health was not consulted about Dow's work. Why is Dow conducting their study? 1) Confuse the public and 2) create more corporate science to avoid responsibility for their contamination of our bodies and properties.

For those attending Dr Garabrant's  mis-information meetings next week, consider the following:

If you attend the Dow sponsored meetings, insist Dr. Garabrant disclose all of his past relationships with Dow Chemical Company and other corporations.  In his defense, the man has got to eat.  Unfortunately for us, he knows who butters his bread.


This link is an excerpt from the Tittabawassee River Watch www.trwnews.net site.   The site contains hundreds of articles pertaining to the dioxin contaminiation of the Tittabawassee River in central Michigan USA by Dow Chemical Company.   On-line infomraton includes dioxin related research, regulatory agency activity, class action lawsuit activity, 100's of newspaper articles, citizen editorials, and much more.  Click here to visit to visit..