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Patience is a virtue.  Many pictures are loading, this may take a while.....
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Click here for images of floods:  1986  2004 2006 2007  2013

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River Flood Plain Residents            Midland Dow plant in the moonlight

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Freeland Festival Park Dioxin Warning Sign (3400 ppt TEQ, "only" 38 times state cleanup level)

Note: sorry about lousy image, just note that the signs are very small)

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Residents & Greenpeace protest dioxin at Dow plant

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April 2011 Tittabawassee floods back into West Michigan Park that was "Cleaned-up" in 2009

Sediment/Soil Sampling 2001

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Seasonal Views of Flood Plain

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Flood Plain Activities (note the ground, we used to play on it)

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