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Newspaper Articles/Media: 2009

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12/31/09 LTC applaud EPA on Year-end dioxin guidelines Clean Watershed Campaign
12/31/09 Proposed dioxin cleanup guidelines spark discussion in Saginaw Bay area Bay City Times
12/16/09 Advisor: Process could lead to contamination cleanup, Comment period ends Thursday Midland Daily News
12/15/09 Advisor on Saginaw Bay cleanup says more public participation needed Bay City Times
12/15/09 Dow-funded U-M researcher at odds with DEQ Michigan Messenger
12/14/09 Dr. deFur public dioxin cleanup radio ad Clean Watershed Campaign
12/13/09 Decades old dioxin pollute river, divide US Community Sydney Morning Herald
12/12/09 Groups organize public talk on dioxin cleanup Midland Daily News
11/14/09 Citizens Advisory Group will talk with EPA on dioxin cleanup Saginaw News
11/13/09 Committee IDs advisory board members Midland Daily News
11/13/09 Part 5: The science behind dioxin delays: audio The Environment Report
11/12/09 Part 4: Hunters warned after dioxin delays: audio The Environment Report
11/11/09 Part 3: Living with dioxin delays: audio The Environment Report
11/10/09 Part 2: Foot dragging produces dioxin delays: audio The Environment Report
11/09/09 Part 1: A long history of of dioxin delays: audio The Environment Report
11/07/09 Contamination investigation continues Midland Daily News
11/06/09 Dow agrees to address pollution at Midwest site LA Times
11/06/09 Riverfront landowners share concerns about dioxin cleanup Midland Daily News
11/03/09 Factual article explains Dow Chemicals dioxin legacy Environmental Health News
11/02/09 EPA seeks feedback on proposed settlement with Dow Chemical Michigan Messenger
10/29/09 Public comment extended 30 days on Dow Chemical Dioxin Settlement Bay City Times
10/22/09 Dow-funded U-M study criticized for bias Michigan Messenger
10/22/09 Video: The hazards of dioxin in the enviornment Chicago Tribune
10/22/09 Dow Chemical and dioxins: Cleanup deals' outcome could affect future initiatives Chicago Tribune
10/22/09 Materials for recent EPA meeting on Michigan dioxin study now online Bay City Times
10/22/09 EPA, U-M disagree over dioxin study Midland Daily News
10/21/09 More illness connected to Agent Orange York News Times
10/20/09 EPA: Dow's dioxin study of little use Bay City Times
10/17/09 Dow signs dioxin agreement; EPA, MDEQ taking comments Midland Daily News
10/16/09 Speak up about dioxin settlement, public has 30 days Saginaw News
10/06/09 Furan results unusable in EPA's Saginaw-area water sampling Michigan Messenger
10/01/09 UofM promotes dioxin study to Saginaw Chamber of Commerce Saginaw News
09/30/09 EPA finds UofM dioxin study of limited value EPA
09/29/09 Mixed messages for hunting? NBC 25
09/29/09 Dow, EPA could sign clean-up plan by October Saginaw News
09/29/09 River clean-up could be near Midland Daily News
09/23/09 EPA does not anticipate relocations Michigan Messenger
09/21/09 US EPA expects to end negotiations with Dow by Sept 25 Saginaw News
08/20/09 Minorities underrepresented in EPA outreach on Dow dioxin Michigan Messenger
08/01/09 Michigan Supreme Court punts on Dow Class Action Suite Michigan Messenger
08/01/09 Mich. Court orders new look at Dow dioxin lawsuit Associated Press
07/20/09 Under EPA pressure, Dow agrees to pay for fish advisory signs Michigan Messenger
07/19/09 States Toxic Avenger, 'Mr. Clean',  steps down City Pulse
07/16/09 Municipal water from Saginaw Bay slated for dioxin testing Michigan Messenger
07/09/09 State issues 2009 Fish Consumption Advisory Michigan Messenger
06/17/09 EPA delivers strong words on Dow dioxin cleanup ... Bay City Times
06/04/09 Love canal activist blasts EPA dioxin plan as continuation of Bush-era policy Michigan Messenger
06/02/09 Tale of two rivers: NY Hudson vs MI Saginaw cleanup Michigan Messenger
06/02/09 EPA announces Dow Dioxin update meeting at SVSU June 17 Bay City Times
05/27/09 Tittatabawassee residents want relocation Michigan Messenger
05/27/09 EPA  leader promises strong role in dioxin cleanup Midland Daily News
05/26/09 EPA develops dioxin cleanup plan Midland Daily News
05/26/09 EPA pledges strong leadership to address Saginaw Bay Dioxins Bay City Times
05/25/09 BayFest hooks kids on fishing in Bay City Bay City Times
05/19/09 As it sponsors Bay City fish fest, Dow claims igonrance on toxic walleye advisories Michigan Messenger
05/14/09 Saginaw River dredging project begins without saftey measures sought by State. Michigan Messenger
05/07/09 EPA officials waiting for dioxin directions Bay City Times
05/07/09 Dioxin work will continue while awaiting word from EPA Midland Daily News
05/03/09 Dioxin study near Michigan Dow plant draws scrutiny Detroit News
04/27/09 At Walley Fest, many unaware of toxic danger under their feet Michigan Messenger
04/26/09 There's still time to catch the Freeland Walleye Festival Midland Daily News
04/23/09 State warns that Walleye Fest participants aren't being properly warned of toxic dangers Michigan Messenger
04/23/09 Walleye thriving and so is Freeland weekend tournament Midland Daily News
04/22/09 Dow sponsored Walleye Fest to donate contaminated fish to the poor Michigan Messenger
04/15/09 Dioxin cleanup begins in Saginaw Township Saginaw News
03/19/09 EPA official: Quicker pace for dioxin cleanup Associated Press
03/18/09 EPA in town to talk dioxin Midland Daily News
03/18/09 LTC TV commercial, Dow dioxin contamination and negotiations Lone Tree Council
03/16/09 Wetlands deregulation bill drafted by industry-minded Saginaw commissioner Michigan Messenger
03/11/09 EPA to expedite report on dioxin danger Michigan Messenger
03/06/09 Obama EPA chief orders halt to negotiations with Dow Michigan Messenger
03/04/09 Dow to clean up park Midland Daily News
03/03/09 Dioxin Contamination class action case heads to Supreme Court Michigan Messenger
02/11/09 Ex-EPA official worried about Michigan Dioxin cleanup Associated Press
01/29/09 Dow dioxin deal flying under EPA's radar PEER
01/28/09 Obama urged to make EPA act on dioxin Michigan Messenger
01/23/09 Former EPA official denounces Dow's new deal Michigan Messenger
01/16/09 Ousted EPA official: stop dragging feet in dioxin cleanup Bay City Times
01/16/09 Former EPA Administrator questions local Superfund process Midland Daily News

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