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12/31/08 Regulators revisit concerns about Dows dioxin pollution Chicago Tribune
12/16/08 Group: Dow dioxin clean*up plan lacks transparency Detroit Free Press
12/15/08 Dow expects to receive EPA letter today on dioxin Midland Daily News
11/11/08 Superfund alternative site possible on Tittabawassee Midland Daily News
11/07/08 New process considered for taking on dioxin Midland Daily News
11/07/08 Homeowners happy with dioxin cleanup Midland Daily News
11/07/08 DEQ using vegetation to stabilize river banks Saginaw News
11/07/08 Residents along riverfronts gets updates on cleanup Saginaw News
08/10/08 Pollution could return in Saginaw following cleanup Midland Daily News
08/08/08 Saginaw residents hear plan about dioxin cleanup Saginaw News
07/29/08 EPA requires limited dioxin cleanup at Dow site absent final risk Levels EPA
07/29/08 32 yrs later study finds Seveso babies 6x likely to suffer thyroid malfunction PLOS
07/28/08 EPA tells staff don't talk to investigators, press Associated Press
07/23/08 In EPA's Midwestern Division, a pro-industry stalwart replaces a Dioxin stickler Grist
07/16/08 Saginaw homes to be cleaned Midland Daily News
07/15/08 Dow, EPA agree on plan to clean up 11 homes on Riverside Drive in Saginanw Saginaw News
05/31/08 Assumptions without research lead to misinformation Saginaw News
05/31/08 Agencies consider downstream effect of river restoration Saginaw News
05/31/08 Saginaw residents fed up with slow progress over dioxin cleanup Saginaw News
05/29/08 10 homes to be cleaned of high levels of dioxin Detroit Free Press
05/29/08 Dow Chemical ordered to clean up area in Michigan near its headquarters Chicago Tribune
05/21/08 Completeness of dioxin studies spur concern Saginaw News
05/19/08 Living downstream from Dow Chemical The Environment Report and NPR
05/15/08 Large Dow shareholder vote urges transparency on cleanup TRWNEWS
05/13/08 Wild game dioxin warning, State agencies issue advisories WEYI TV
05/13/08 State Health Department warns about eating Saginaw, Tittabawasse River floodplain animals Saginaw News
05/08/08 Bank erosion, health issues part of dioxin meeting Midland Daily News
05/08/08 DEQ eyes plants to stabilize riverbanks Saginaw News
05/07/08 CREW files FOIA reqeusts with EPA regarding resignation of Mary Gade Citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington
05/07/08 Dow's dioxin case, EPA administrator's departure gets Senators attention Midland Daily News
05/06/08 TRW press release: Request federal legislators investigate Gade firing TRWNEWS
05/05/08 The EPA's Motto:  Our way or the Highway The Pane List
05/03/08 EPA official cites Dow in quitting Saginaw News
05/03/08 Dingell to probe why EPA official leaving job Detroit News
05/03/08 Administration reportedly forces out EPA official Washington Post
05/02/08 EPA official ousted while fighting Dow Chemical Chicago Tribune
05/02/08 EPA administrator cites Dow cleanup for resignation Associated Press
05/02/08 EPA administrator out Midland Daily News
05/02/08 Lone Tree Council Press Release: Decision on slurry pit  could threaten Great Lakes watershed Lone Tree Council
05/02/08 Lt. Govenor Cherry brokers accord, Saginaw River dredging a go Bay City Times
05/02/08 EPA boss for Midwest quits over Dow dioxin Bay City Times
05/01/08 Gade's work had won praise Chicago Tribune
05/01/08 EPA administrator out, Gade claims actions on Dow impacted her job Midland Daily News
04/29/08 Saginaw Dredging update: Township officials concerned over Lt. Gov. Cherry's role in spoils pjt. Bay City Times
04/22/08 Saginaw River dredge fight needs high level help, leaders says Saginaw News
04/19/08 Corps of Engineers, Department of Environmental Quality dredging disagreement leaves Saginaw River dock workers anxious Saginaw News
04/18/08 Decision on Dow dioxin damage could take years Bay City Times
04/18/08 Dioxin plan looks to preserve, restore natural resources in Saginaw Valley Saginaw News
04/17/08 Army Corp may change plans to dredge Saginaw River to avoid tussle with DEQ Bay City Times
04/09/08 State official says certain Saginaw Bay species contain dangerous levels of pollutants Bay City Times
04/08/08 How much will Dow pay? Midland Daily News
04/08/08 Public input sought on dioxin damage assessment plan Bay City Times
04/08/08 Fight brews between DEQ, Army Corps over dredging spoils site Bay City Times
04/05/08 EPA testing soil near river Saginaw News
04/04/08 EPA finds elevated dioxin level in sample Saginaw News
04/04/08 Dow dioxin settlement draws closer, says officials Bay City Times
04/03/08 EPA sampling residential properties for dioxin Midland Daily News
04/02/08 EPA/MDEQ to sample Saginaw residential areas for dioxin EPA
03/26/08 Saginaw county leaders ask EPA to step back into dioxin negotiations with Dow Chemical Saginaw News
03/17/08 Dioxin cleanup near Dow Chemical plant remains on slow track Associated Press
03/04/08 C'mon, just clean it up Saginaw News
02/28/08 Dow Chemical files petition against DEQ over dioxin testing plan Saginaw News
02/26/08 Dow appeals plan for dioxin cleanup Midland Daily News
02/25/08 Dioxin story enters a new phase WJRT TV
02/15/08 State: Some Saginaw River fish unsafe to eat Midland Daily News
02/10/08 Great Lakes Danger Zones Public
02/08/08 MDEQ: River banks a contamination concern Midland Daily News
02/08/08 State looking at ways to break down, remove dioxin Midland Daily News
02/08/08 Future dioxin cleanup could mean less tree cutting Saginaw News
02/08/08 Toxic cleanup fund empty; DEQ may seek state wide bond Bay City Times
02/02/08 Chamber calls for probe Saginaw News
02/01/08 EPA, community talk about water health Midland Daily News
02/01/08 EPA: Zebra mussels may increase beach muck Saginaw News
01/26/08 Court OK's class action Saginaw News
01/26/08 Michigan court grants dioxin case class-action status Midland Daily News
01/25/07 Appeals court says Dow lawsuit should be class-action Detroit Free Press
01/25/08 Court O.K.'s class action in Dow case Associated Press
01/05/08 EPA pulls plug on Dow talks Detroit News
01/05/08 EPA abruptly ends river cleanup negotiations with Dow Midland Daily News
01/04/08 EPA quits talks with Dow Saginaw News

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