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12/21/07 Chamber of Commerce asks DEQ be removed in dioxin negotiations WJRT TV
12/21/07 EPA, Dow Chemical continue to negotiate river cleanups EPA
12/21/07 EPA extends deadline for negotiating river cleanu-ups with Dow Associated Press
12/20/07 Next steps for dioxin cleanup still under discussion Midland Daily News
12/19/07 Dioxin cleanup in Saginaw wrapping up Midland Daily News
12/18/07 Study shows how dioxin disrupts cells United Press International
12/15/07 DEQ is working to clean up the dioxin Detroit Free Press
12/13/07 Area leaders brainstorm on how to spend potential windfall of Dow dioxin settlement Bay City Times
12/12/07 Under federal pressure, Dow submits dioxin cleanup plan Associated Press
12/09/07 Fed up with dioxin, residents say they want out Detroit Free Press
12/09/07 Dioxin hoopla should lead to downriver tests, river cleanup Bay City Times
12/08/07 EPA memo critical of cleanup Saginaw News
12/07/07 Secret memo: Dioxin report details deception Detroit Free Press
12/07/07 New details on controversy surrounding Dow's dioxin debacle WJRT TV
12/07/07 Employee says Dow ignored dioxin data concerns Midland Daily News
12/07/07 Dioxin data spur lawsuit Saginaw News
12/06/07 Engineer: Dow data was bad Detroit News
12/04/07 Dioxin removal like vacuuming the riverbed Saginaw News
11/29/07 Dioxin Hot spot cleanup to begin Midland Daily News
11/29/07 Questions remain as experts sift through numbers Saginaw News
11/27/07 High number of endometriosis cases linked to environment KSL NewsRadio
11/27/07 Hot spot not so hot? Saginaw News
11/26/07 Rivers dioxin level may be EPA's record high Chicago tribune
11/25/07 Dioxin spot in Michigan may be worst ever Anchorage Daily News
11/23/07 Saginaw River dioxin find spreads fear Detroit Free Press
11/23/07 U.S's top toxic site here? Saginaw News
11/15/07 Sky-high dioxin level taints river Detroit Free Press
11/14/07 State issues fish consumption advisory for Saginaw River Associated Press
11/14/07 EPA: Dow downplayed findings of dioxin hot spot WJRT TV
11/14/07 Note to correspondents: More information on new dioxin hot spot in the Saginaw River EPA
11/14/07 Saginaw River dioxin hot spot discovered Midland Daily News
11/13/07 Dow Chemicals Dioxin find piles on more eco-trouble Environmental newswire
11/13/07 Highest dioxin level found in Saginaw River: EPA, MDEQ and Dow at work on emergency cleanup EPA
11/13/07 Dioxinlike' hotspots near Wickes Park Saginaw News
11/13/07 Dioxinlike' hotspots near Wickes Park WJRT TV
11/12/07 GOP's mystery guest -- Chief Justice Taylor Midland Daily News
11/10/07 Dow Chemical accused of polluting Midland air Midland Daily News
11/09/07 EPA notifies Dow of clean-air and hazardous waste violations EPA
11/05/07 Press Release: MDCH Responds To Comments On The Pilot Exposure Investigation In Tittabawassee River Flood Plain MDCH
10/24/07 Press Release: Greens and residents alarmed by EPA action in dioxin cleanup Lone Tree Council
10/24/07 EPA takes charge of Dow Chemicals river cleanup project Bay City Times
10/23/07 EPA right in urging Dow to speed up work Midland Daily News
10/23/07 Dioxin pollution leads to more baby girls: study Reuters Canada
10/11/07 EPA to Down: 60 days to talk cleanup Midland Daily News
09/23/07 Remove dioxin and restore the river Saginaw News
09/15/07 City, EPA strike deal Midland Daily News
09/14/07 Restoring Great Lakes would bring region $50 billion in economic gain Detroit News
09/14/07 Dow takes over as River Roar sponsor Bay City Times
09/12/07 EPA pulls out of cleanup process, calls for openness Midland Daily News
09/12/07 City staff to share most dioxin data with EPA Saginaw News
09/12/07 EPA threatens public's trust Saginaw News
09/12/07 4 businesses paying millions for dredge site Saginaw News
09/12/07 Cleanup raises concern Saginaw News
09/11/07 EPA calls for open process to restore Tittabawassee and Saginaw River watershed. EPA
09/11/07 Dredge facility's cost nearly triples Bay City Times
09/09/07 City, EPA to meet on dioxin data: public update given Monday Midland Daily News
09/08/07 Dioxin dredging under way at Dow Saginaw News
09/06/07 First dioxin-contaminated soil out of Tittabawassee River WJRT TV
09/01/07 EPA: Release dioxin info Midland Daily News
08/31/07 Dioxin cleanup begins; not everyone happy WJRT TV
08/27/07 Tittabawassee and Saginaw river fish consumption hazardous Saginaw News
08/15/07 Dow deletes details of agent orange from Wikipedia Forbes
08/10/07 Dow expects work on dioxin hotspots to be done this year Midland Daily News
08/07/07 Company buying houses near downtown Midland Midland Daily News
08/04/07 Latest dioxin meeting set for Thursday Midland Daily News
07/26/07 Hydraulic oil leak contained near Dow dredging site Midland Daily News
07/20/07 Dioxin wish list swells with hope of windfall Saginaw News
07/19/07 Dow's plans for Saginaw River at DEQ for approval Midland Daily News
07/18/07 Dow gives DEQ plan  for cleanup of Saginaw River Bay City Times
07/17/07 Dow submits work plan for Saginaw River Bay City Times
07/14/07 Dow, EPA reach agreement on cleanup of 3 dioxin contaminated areas Midland Daily News
07/13/07 EPA gives Dow go ahead on dioxin cleanup WJRT TV
07/13/07 Construction for river cleanup begins Midland Daily News
07/13/07 Cleanup plan set at two sites Saginaw News
07/07/07 Dow to start Monday on dioxin cleanup Saginaw News
07/07/07 Dow to start river cleanup Midland Daily News
07/07/07 Dow Chemical plans to remove dioxin-contaminated river sediment Associated Press
07/06/07 Dow Chemical in talks with EPA over dioxin cleanup New York Times
07/04/07 New Dow community relations leaders finding fit Midland Daily News
07/04/07 Pushing for the valley Saginaw News
06/28/07 Communities smell money in the air Saginaw News
06/28/07 EPA: Hurry on dioxin Saginaw News
06/22/07 EPA: Dow must speed cleanup of dioxins Midland Daily News
06/27/07 EPA says Dow must clean up T.River hot spots immediately EPA
06/22/07 Township official eyes settlement funds Saginaw News
06/22/07 Vietnamese tell of health effects after exposure Midland Daily News
06/21/07 Agent Orange sufferers speak tonight in Saginaw Saginaw News
06/17/07 Dredging effective, if done right: council Saginaw News
06/06/07 Dioxin study results hold up Midland Daily News
06/06/07 Property owners sold on results Saginaw News
05/26/07 Final resting spots for dredging spoils mired in controversy, then and now Bay City Times
05/25/07 Dioxin researchers to update public at June meeting Midland Daily News
05/23/07 Dioxin session is June 5 Saginaw News
05/14/07 Unprecedented Dow Shareholders vote urges transparency on Cleanup Press Release
05/13/07 Marchlewski: Reporter is trading her notebook for a diaper bag Midland Daily News
05/11/07 Protesters march at Dow's annual meeting Midland Daily News
05/09/07 Dow investors worth $300M challenge company CSwire
05/08/07 Court of appeals hears dioxin arguments Midland Daily News
05/05/07 Budget could hinder cleanup Saginaw News
05/04/07 Prep for river cleanup to start Midland Daily News
05/03/07 Living Lab Flint Journal
04/22/07 Group won't back down from Dow Saginaw News
04/22/07 A Lone Tree for vigilance Saginaw News
04/22/07 The legend of the Lone Tree Saginaw News
04/01/07 Frankenlust drops dredging suit Saginaw News
03/29/07 More U-M dioxin study results coming in spring Midland Daily News
03/22/07 Dow releases results of dioxin study Midland Daily News
03/22/07 Dioxin study results called not surprising Saginaw News
03/21/07 Dioxin class-status question will get another day in court Midland Daily News
02/23/07 Group files dredge suit Saginaw News
02/11/07 Midland dioxin results to be released next month Midland Daily News
02/09/07 Foiled by eagles Nature does what two lawsuits have aimed to do - halt construction on the dredged spoils facility Bay City Times
02/09/07 Dioxin cleanup to start in spring Midland Daily News
02/09/07 Dow to remove toxic hotspots Saginaw News
01/12/07 Residents split over dioxin spots Saginaw News
01/11/07 Dioxin at record levels Saginaw News
01/11/07 More dioxin cleanup planned for Tittabawassee Associated Press
01/11/07 River cleanup could begin this month Midland Daily News
01/05/07 Taxpayers pay Dow $35 million; bring an end to long tax dispute Midland Daily News
01/04/07 Dioxin bill signed by Granholm Midland Daily News

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