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News Paper/ Media Archives: 2006

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12/17/06 Too-Fast forward: Saginaw River dredgings dump repeats mistakes of the past Bay City Times
12/16/06 Flood waters receding Midland Daily News
12/15/06 Changing dioxin standard an option for state Saginaw News
12/15/06 Dioxin bill passes Midland Daily News
12/06/06 Dioxin bill passes in senate committee Midland Daily News
12/06/06 Dow, state defend Saginaw River dredging project Saginaw News
12/05/06 Moolenaar's dioxin bill up in the Senate Midland Daily News
11/29/06 Dow fined $84.8 million Midland Daily News
11/27/06 Bhopal activists brining prison jumpsuits to Midland Midland Daily News
11/14/06 Dow appeal of class action status one year old Midland Daily News
11/09/06 Study critics seek results Saginaw News
11/09/06 Dioxin testing progressing Midland Daily News
11/03/06 Environmentalist, Dow agree on pollution study method Saginaw News
10/25/06 Resolution blocked over dredging spoils Saginaw News
10/25/06 Environmental justice tour to visit Saginaw Saginaw News
10/25/06 Dow testing hundreds of sites for presence of chemicals Saginaw News
10/24/06 Council approves Dow tax appeal settlement Midland Daily News
10/24/06 Dioxin testing in Midland begins; city participating Midland Daily News
10/12/06 Dredging site sparks debate Saginaw News
10/11/06 Support grows to keep new river dumping site less toxic Bay City Times
10/06/06 'Hot spot' toxics don't belong in shipping channel spoils dump Bay City Times
09/20/06 Disposal site eyed by Dow? Midland Daily News
09/20/06 Dredging dispute widens Saginaw News
09/19/06 Dow Chemical under fire ABC 12 WJRT TV
09/19/06 New dredge disposal site may be dioxin dump WSGW NewsRadio 790
09/11/06 Flood of 86' shut down Midland plant Midland Daily News
08/20/06 Question answered Saginaw News
08/18/06 Make cleaning up dioxins a priority Detroit Free Press
08/16/06 Dioxin study reaction mixed Midland Daily News
08/16/06 What does it all mean? Saginaw News
08/15/06 Higher dioxin levels found in people near Dow plant Associated Press
08/16/06 Dioxin in Midlanders' blood Midland Daily News
08/14/06 A long, poisonous wait Star Ledger
08/13/06 Dioxin study results released Tuesday Midland Daily News
08/13/06 Dioxin study results revealed Saginaw News
08/12/06 The way the river moves: Dow is working to find out Midland Daily News
08/10/06 Contaminated sediment won't be removed yet Midland Daily News
08/10/06 First soil sampling complete Saginaw News
07/26/06 Environmentalist: Lawmakers weak on dioxin cleanup Saginaw News
07/15/06 Dow EPA cites Dow Midland Daily News
07/15/06 Dow receives EPA citation Saginaw News
07/13/06 Study concludes dioxin is toxic; widely used chemical causes cancer, birth defects, developmental problems Huntington News Net
07/13/06 Federal dioxin review flows downriver to Saginaw, Bay City Bay City Times
07/12/06 Expert report on EPA dioxin reassessment suggests improvements Midland Daily News
07/12/06 Environmentalists applaud academy critique Saginaw News
07/12/06 Opening the river Saginaw News
07/11/06 Panel clears way for tougher cleanup of dioxin Reuters News
07/11/06 National Academy of Science review of dioxin due today Midland Daily News
07/11/06 River remains toxic, but not quite as bad Saginaw News
07/11/06 Academy review "like the Supreme Court" Saginaw News
06/27/06 Crews digging up, cleaning up radioactive waste at mouth of Saginaw River Bay City Times
06/27/06 Federal agency stepping in to clear up dioxin debate Bay City Times
06/22/06 Dioxin bill passes in House; effect uncertain Midland Daily News
06/22/06 Science academy joining dioxin debate Saginaw News
06/21/06 Moolenaar's dioxin bill passed by committee Midland Daily News
06/20/06 State fish advisories ignored by anglers Saginaw News
06/19/06 State wants more publicity for fish consumption warnings Associated Press
06/06/06 Testing notification going out this month Midland Daily News
06/03/06 Site work begins for silt sucking Saginaw News
05/26/06 Dredging funds up to Senate Saginaw News
05/21/06 Going forth with search Saginaw News
05/20/06 Dioxin cleanup spans a decade Saginaw News
05/15/06 Dioxin, PCBs to be studied State News
05/13/06 Environmentalist encouraged by Dow plan Midland Daily News
05/13/06 Dow: Numbers distort risk Saginaw News
05/12/06 Company hired to map river's behavior Saginaw News
05/12/06 Dow sales rise Saginaw News
05/11/06 Soil tests to begin this summer: dioxin resolution planned for 2017 Midland Daily News
05/10/06 State raises questions of leaks Saginaw News
05/10/06 Judge clears way for dredge basin Saginaw News
05/05/06 Food downstream more toxic for area songbirds Midland Daily News
05/05/06 Lone Tree Council files suit to stop dredging Bay City Times
05/05/06 Commissioner's signature creates flap Saginaw News
05/01/06 State announces 2004 emissions report, data includes increase for Dow Midland Daily News
04/28/06 Dioxin up in owls downstream Midland Daily News
04/25/06 Dioxin legislation opposed Midland Daily News
04/18/06 River traffic: Hitting bottom Saginaw News
04/15/06 River users push for help Saginaw News
04/15/06 MSU studies toxins in area river animals Midland Daily News
04/14/06 Arguments over lawsuit against Dow Chemical could face delay Associated Press
04/14/06 Vetoed bill comes back Saginaw News
04/13/06 Oral arguments expected soon in dioxin suit Midland Daily News
04/12/06 Lost: Two giant rudders in the Saginaw River Saginaw News
04/12/06 Group seeks dioxin tests downstream Saginaw News
04/11/06 Invoking Godwins Law Saginaw News
04/11/06 Lawmakers propose trio of bills to deal with dioxin issue Midland Daily News
03/19/06 City submits comments about Dow's dioxin plans Midland Daily News
03/19/06 Property appraisals of contaminated property is a complex process TRW
03/19/06 Buyers not taking plunge Tittabawassee River properties not selling at as fast a clip since dioxin warning Saginaw News
03/19/06 Businessman follows through on his promise Saginaw News
03/15/06 Flood means more work for Dow Midland Daily News
03/14/06 Tittabawassee expected to crest today at less than 27 Midland Daily News
03/11/06 Eating fish, game from river can boost dioxin exposure, state warns Detroit News
03/10/06 Eating fish from river not healthy , DEQ says Saginaw News
03/07/06 Dioxin cleanup plan falls short Saginaw News
03/05/06 Judge Borrello leaving bench Saginaw News
03/03/06 MDEQ: Dow has 2 months to resubmit dioxin plans Midland Daily News
03/03/06 DEQ critiques Dow cleanup plan Saginaw News
02/24/06 DEQ agrees with EPA dioxin plan concerns Midland Daily News
02/24/06 State agrees with EPA's criticism of Dow Saginaw News
02/23/06 EPA criticizes Dow Chemicals Midland area cleanup plan Associated Press
02/23/06 EPA knocks Dow's plan for dioxin Bay City Times
02/22/06 EPA raps dioxin plan Midland Daily News
02/22/06 EPA criticizes Dow Plan Saginaw News
02/19/06 DEQ Goal: Protect public and environment Midland Daily News
02/19/06 Dow expected to enter round 2 of cleanup Midland Daily News
02/15/06 Flooding may have tainted land Saginaw News
02/15/06 $350 million award, Dow and Rockwell lose suit in Flats case Rocky Mountain News
02/11/06 Judge rules Frankenlust can't join defense of river dredging spoil site Bay City Times
02/10/06 Dow still collecting information on dioxin Saginaw News
02/10/06 DEQ: More dioxins moving towards Bay City Bay City Times
02/10/06 Cleanup still needs a plan Saginaw News
02/09/06 More dioxin contamination found ABC 12 WJRT TV
02/08/06 Dow plans soil sampling Midland Daily News
01/31/06 Dow sets aside $100 million for giving Midland Daily News
01/27/06 WHO to rely less on U.S. research Associated Press
01/23/06 Dioxin suite timeline lengthened - again Midland Daily News
01/07/06 Dow Chemical fined $70,000 Saginaw News
01/06/06 Dow fined for conducting unreported dioxin tests Midland Daily News
01/03/06 Dow submits year-end work plan Midland Daily News
12/28/05 Granholm vetoes facility proposal Midland Daily News

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