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News Paper/ Media Archives: 2005

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12/28/05 Granholm vetoes facility proposal Midland Daily News
12/28/05 It's politics now, lawmakers say Midland Daily News
12/28/05 Cleanup bill nixed Saginaw News
12/28/05 Governor vetoes dioxin legislation WSGW Newsradio 790
12/27/05 Governor vetoes controversial bill (video link until 1/2/06) WJRT-TV
12/27/05 Bill is unreasonable response to dioxin problem Detroit Free Press
12/22/05 Granholm again says she'll veto dioxin-label bill
12/13/05 Granholm says she'll veto dioxin-label bill Saginaw News
12/09/05 Granhlom not likely to sign homeowner bill Midland Daily News
12/09/05 Court will hear Dow's class-action appeal Saginaw News
12/09/05 State Court of Appeals considers Dow's appeal Midland Daily News
12/09/05 Senate OK's controversial 'facility' bill Saginaw News
12/08/05 Homeowner Fairness Act requiring soil testing passes Midland Daily News
12/07/05 Listen to Lone Tree Radio ad against HB461-Terry MIller's version
12/07/05 Listen to Lone Tree Radio ad against HB461-MIchelle Hurd Riddick's version
12/07/05 Legislature requires testing or consent to rule on contamination Star Telegram
12/07/05 Goschka changes language in environmental bill Saginaw News
12/06/05 Report: Don't kid yourself, toxins persist in the Great Lakes
12/01/05 Goschka bill angers activists Saginaw News
12/01/05 Goschka bill angers activists Saginaw News
11/29/05 Tittabawassee flood plain residents respond to Dow's class-action appeal Midland Daily News
11/26/05 303 Collective hosts showing of dioxin documentary Saginaw News
11/16/05 Basis for appeal disputed Midland Daily News
11/15/05 Dow voices anger with Class-Action ruling Saginaw News
11/15/05 Class action dioxin suit headed to higher court Midland Daily News
11/13/05 'Sound Science' a barrier Midland Daily News
11/11/05 Bill would delay cleanup Saginaw News
11/11/05 Little new information at session Saginaw News
11/10/05 New warning signs at local launch Midland Daily News
11/08/05 Judge denies delay of Dow Lawsuit Saginaw News
11/08/05 Focus on dioxin Saginaw News
11/08/05 Dow asks for hold on class action while it files appeal Midland Daily News
11/06/05 Homeowner Fairness Act needs some tweaking Midland Daily News
11/05/05 DEQ, Dow to present dioxin cleanup plans Midland Daily News
11/03/05 Homeowner Fairness Act moving through Senate Midland Daily News
11/03/05 Dow asks judge to stop class-action Saginaw News
11/03/05 Class-Action waters muddy Saginaw News
10/30/05 Dioxin survey tests public input Saginaw News
10/27/05 Commissioners give dioxin measure a boost Saginaw News
10/22/05 Class action gets go-ahead Midland Daily News
10/22/05 Dow to appeal Judge's ruling Saginaw News
10/20/05 Dioxin class decision due Midland Daily News
10/20/05 DEQ says plans to manage river toxins will endanger public Bay City Times
10/16/05 'Uncertainty' needs to be addressed in  dioxin debate Midland Daily News
10/12/05 Next round of community input meetings planned Midland Daily News
10/09/05 Dredging disposal site wrong Saginaw News
10/08/05 Bill facing scrutiny Saginaw News
10/08/05 Dioxin study progressing Midland Daily News
10/08/05 Dioxin decision delayed WSGW Newsradio 790
10/07/05 Data collected, analysis to begin Saginaw News
10/04/05 Dioxin study update coming Thursday Saginaw News
10/01/05 Dredging suit dropped but not dead Saginaw News
09/29/05 Dow meeting with DEQ, EPA, several other agencies today Midland Daily News
09/17/05 Suit against Dow could include 2000 property owners Midland Daily News
09/17/05 Lawyers argue over dioxin lawsuit boundaries Saginaw News
09/16/05 Dioxin class decision nears Midland Daily News
09/16/05 Judge listens during 5 hour hearing Saginaw News
09/15/05 Frakenlust files lawsuit to stop construction of site to pile river muck Bay City Times
09/15/05 Suit could block dredging Saginaw News
09/15/05 Judge hears merits of class-action suit today Saginaw News
09/14/05 Goschka owes DEQ apology Saginaw News
09/14/05 DEQ director demands apology: Goschka refuses Saginaw News
09/13/05 Dow dioxin suit headed to court Midland Daily News
09/09/05 State warns of high dioxin levels in some Tittabawassee River Fish Detroit Free Press
09/07/05 Zilwaukee dredge site opponents lining up backers Saginaw News
09/07/05 New brief in dioxin case WSGW Newsradio 790
09/06/05 Park design goes deep Saginaw News
08/31/05 Saginaw, Tittabawassee walleye OK to eat Bay City Times
08/26/05 Communication plan might change Midland Daily News
08/25/05 River fish-eating  advisories posted where they're needed Bay City Times
08/24/05 Judge sets hearing on status of dioxin suit Midland Daily News
08/24/05 Second lawsuit must await ruling Saginaw News
08/24/05 Dioxin class action hearing next month WSGW Newsradio 790
08/20/05 Dow to post fish and soil advisories along Saginaw and Tittabawassee Rivers Detroit News
08/18/05 Fish advisory signs go up along Saginaw River Bay City Times
08/14/05 Dioxin dust found in 2 schools West Virginia Gazette
08/14/05 Pollutants leave scared landscape Detroit News
08/13/05 Soil samples reveal high levels of dioxin Saginaw News
08/10/05 No. 2 dioxin suit similar, but different Midland Daily News
08/10/05 New class-action suit likely to consolidate with ongoing suit Saginaw News
08/09/05 Dioxin court date set Midland Daily News
08/09/05 Dow facing additional class action suit Midland Daily News
08/09/05 Pollution cleanup bill getting messy Detroit Free Press
08/08/05 Legislators, DEQ spat over brochure Saginaw News
08/04/05 Researcher: Dioxin risk exists Midland Daily News
08/03/05 Researcher finds no dioxin impact on animal population Bay City Times
08/02/05 Environmental scientist to discuss river risk Midland Daily News
08/02/05 Dow study: no ill effects' Saginaw News
07/29/05 Area reps blast DEQ over policy change Midland Daily News
07/29/05 Lawmakers say DEQ policy 'unlawful' Saginaw News
07/28/05 Dioxin debate crawls (scanned - large pdf) Saginaw News
07/28/05 'Facility' news conference with lawmakers today Midland Daily News
07/26/05 What does 'reasonable' mean? Midland Daily News
07/24/05 'New Facility' policy brings clarity Midland Daily News
07/20/05 DEQ tries to clarify polluted property criteria Saginaw News
07/19/05 'Facility' redefined by MDEQ Midland Daily News
07/14/05 Study shows raised dioxin levels Midland Daily News
07/14/05 Supreme Court: No injury, no case Midland Daily News
07/14/05 Contaminated properties increase dioxin risk: study Saginaw News
07/14/05 Dow applauds court decision on liability Saginaw News
07/13/05 TRW press release on Supreme Court decision Tittabawassee River Watch
07/13/05 Michigan Supreme Court rules in Dow's favor in dioxin case TC Record Eagle
07/13/05 Dioxin blood levels elevated near Tittabawassee WSGW Newsradio 790
07/13/05 Plaintiffs ready for property fight with Dow WSGW Newsradio 790
07/13/05 Dioxin ruling not the end of case WSGW Newsradio 790
07/13/05 Michigan Supreme Court rules in dioxin case WSGW Newsradio 790
07/13/05 Residents can't sue Dow for costs of testing for future dioxin related health problems WNEM TV-5 News
07/13/05 Residents dioxin levels higher near Dow, study shows Detroit Free Press
07/13/05 Michigan Supreme Court rules in Dow's favor in dioxin case Detroit Free Press
07/13/05 Dioxin expert questioned in Midland Midland Daily News
07/04/05 State House passing of dioxin bill draws mixed reactions Bay City Times
07/03/05 Many refusing dioxin cleanup Midland Daily News
07/02/05 Residents: Time to get to the point Midland Daily News
06/29/05 Meeting consensus: Too many meetings Saginaw News
06/29/05 House votes to require extensive testing to rule on contamination Detroit Free Press
06/24/05 Proposed bill would lift blanket contamination tag Saginaw News
06/23/05 EPA talks about Fox River dredging project Midland Daily News
06/23/05 Hydraulic dredge is doubtful here Saginaw News
06/22/05 'Facility" legislation advances in the House Midland Daily News
06/21/05 Court taking to long, residents near river claim Saginaw News
06/20/05 Environmentalists want dredging Saginaw News
06/20/05 Plantiffs: Let dioxin suit move forward Midland Daily News
06/17/05 State stumbles over toxic fish Grand Rapids Press
06/17/05 EPA speaker to discuss dioxin at Delta Saginaw News
06/15/05 DEQ addressing dioxin at June 28 meeting Midland Daily News
06/14/05 Viable solutions for rivers is topic of next Lone Tree Council speaker series. Midland Daily News
06/10/05 U-M dioxin results rolling out, but only to property owners Midland Daily News
06/03/05 Dow dioxin tests upset state Detroit Free Press
06/03/05 Dioxin Q&A Detroit Free Press
06/03/05 Regulators rap Dow on testing Midland Daily News
05/28/05 Shaheen makes offer on property Saturday Saginaw News
05/26/05 County to evaluate dredge sites Saginaw News
05/25/05 Some comments on dioxin heard Midland Daily News
05/25/05 Committee conducts Dow love fest Tittabawassee River Watch
05/23/05 Homeland security at Dow Annual Meeting? Saginaw News
05/23/05 Dioxin facility hearing is Tuesday in Lansing Saginaw News
05/23/05 Residents get a chance to be heard on dioxin contamination issue Midland Daily News
05/21/05 Army Corps checks soil at proposed dredging site Saginaw News
05/20/05 Hoaxsters target Dow Midland Daily News
05/19/05 Wildlife Federation, Lone Tree Council challenge dredging permit Midland Daily News
05/18/05 Lone Tree files suit to block dredge plan Saginaw News
05/18/05 Hearing on dioxin facility bill set for Tuesday Midland Daily News
05/16/05 Site for silt gets $1.3M Saginaw News
05/16/05 Challenges draw new refuge chief Saginaw News
05/14/05 Amount of toxic chemicals in air, water, land declines Midland Daily News
05/13/05 Locals protest Dow Meeting Midland Daily News
05/13/05 'Dow has come back' Midland Daily News
05/13/05 Dow to work with Cousteau on project Midland Daily News
05/12/05 EPA says overall pollution down, Mercury, PCB's, dioxin up WJRT-TV
05/12/05 Toxics data show overall fall, but some concerns, Industry sees success, activists not so sure Associated Press
05/12/05 Dow Chemical faces mounting pressures from investors to disclose risk Trillium Asset Management
05/12/05 Dow CEO promises even better year Saginaw News
05/12/05 What Dow knows (but won't tell) AlterNet
05/12/05 Property owners still are waiting Saginaw News
05/11/05 Few show for dioxin study meeting Jackson Citizen Patriot
05/11/05 Dow meeting Thursday Saginaw News
05/10/05 Dow shareholders seeking answers Saginaw News
05/10/05 Dow, state remain at odds over wild game advisory Saginaw News
05/08/05 Interim dioxin cleanup under way Midland Daily News
05/07/05 Feds add voice to advisory Saginaw News
05/07/05 Finding answers Midland Daily News
05/06/05 Feds agree with state wild game dioxin advisory Midland Daily News
05/03/05 Dow uses white glove test crews cleaning up property along the Tittabawassee River Saginaw News
05/02/05 Researchers from UM to collect local data for dioxin study Jackson Citizen Patriot
04/27/05 Township backs stiffer 'facility' label Saginaw News
04/27/05 Dow chief: Company back 'from near death' Bay City Times
04/22/05 Audit: DEQ brass cut deals with polluters Detroit Free Press
04/20/05 Purchase proposal muddies the waters of dioxin debate Bay City Times
04/19/05 Dioxin facility public hearing  likely, Moolenaar thinks Midland Daily News
04/18/05 Dow Chemical buys silence in Michigan
04/14/05 Dr. Linda Birnbaum: Science Vs Conjecture Tittabawassee River Watch
04/14/05 Expert: Food likely dioxin source Saginaw News
04/14/05 Legislators seek tougher facility designation Saginaw News
04/14/05 Panelist: No answer soon Saginaw News
04/14/05 Moolenaar's dioxin legislation introduced Midland Daily News
04/14/05 EPA leader: we all have dioxin Midland Daily News
04/13/05 Dow pays for Freeland park upgrades Saginaw News
04/11/05 Sludge facility definite. All that remains is haggling over the price Saginaw News
04/09/05 Bill targets 'facility' labeling Midland Daily News
04/09/05 Lawmakers: Floodplain designation improper Saginaw News
04/09/05 Some residents who live along the river are skeptical of Shaheen's offer Saginaw News
04/08/05 Tainted land salable Entrepreneur: I will buy out willing sellers. Saginaw News
04/08/05 Dow, TV-5 dispute resolved Midland Daily News
04/07/05 Dow meeting features incident with TV-5 reporter Midland Daily News
04/07/05 Dow, DEQ goal: Communicate openly Midland Daily News
04/06/05 Meeting tonight about Dow DEQ framework deal Midland Daily News
04/01/05 Lone Tree upset with DEQ comments on PCB's Saginaw News
03/31/05 Official: Spoils site will be acquired, even if it takes condemnation Bay City Times
03/30/05 Stockholder concerned about Dow's transparency Midland Daily News
03/29/05 Sludge site gets OK Saginaw News
03/27/05 Bay City, GM share blame for dioxins in river, bay, DEQ suspects Bay City Times
03/25/05 Enviros invite EPA division head Midland Daily News
03/25/05 Two years later, dioxin suit in limbo Midland Daily News
03/25/05 Litigants waiting for a resolution Saginaw News
03/25/05 DEQ, Dow inviting residents to talk about dioxin Midland Daily News
03/18/05 Dow, DEQ talk dioxin: Town hall meeting reveals varied opinions on contamination issue Midland Daily News
03/18/05 Some confused over DEQ's approach Saginaw News
03/18/05 Activist promise legal challenge to permit Saginaw News
03/18/05 DEQ issues permit for sludge Saginaw News
03/17/05 Sessions set on river cleanup Saginaw News
03/17/05 Dioxin meeting held Thursday WJRT-TV
03/17/05 Citizens oppose DEQ permit Midland Daily News
03/17/05 Citizens group files protest to stop Saginaw River dredging Bay City Times
03/16/05 Local group wants dredge permits pulled WSGW Newsradio 790
03/16/05 Dow/DEQ hosting meeting Thursday Midland Daily News
03/16/05 Closed doors Detroit Free Press
03/16/05 Walleye festival expands Saginaw News
03/14/05 Imerman renovations continue this summer Saginaw News
03/13/05 Apology offered Midland Daily News
03/11/05 Blood results a puzzle Saginaw News
03/11/05 Dioxin study results back - and confusing Midland Daily News
03/10/05 Higher dioxin levels may indicate extra cancer risk Stuff, New Zeeland
03/09/05 Dioxin: Common questions and answers Sun Hearld
03/03/05 Cleanup called "band-aid" Saginaw News
03/03/05 Some samples high in dioxin Saginaw News
03/03/05 Dow meeting offers answers Midland Daily News
03/02/05 Worries on dredging aired Saginaw News
03/02/05 Public, environmentalists rally against dredging spoils site Bay City Times
02/25/05 Sportsmen seek watershed protection Midland Daily News
02/25/05 Navigating the river Midland Daily News
02/25/05 Dow talks to residents at properties with high dioxin levels Saginaw News
02/24/05 Dow to notify property owners of cleanup plans, meetings Midland Daily News
02/23/05 Dioxin results mailed Midland Daily News
02/19/05 Dredge permit up for review Saginaw News
02/16/05 State warning outdoorsman of dioxin risk 6 News TV, Lansing
02/10/05 U-M dioxin exposure study results to be released soon Midland Daily News
02/10/05 Blood sample data coming Saginaw News
02/08/05 Dioxin deal still needs some meat on its bones Bay City Times
01/30/05 Residents will have options to limit dioxin exposure Midland Daily News
01/29/05 Dioxin cleanup Detroit Free Press
01/27/05 Dow to argue for reduced cleanup Bay City Times
01/27/05 Dow sales: record $40 billion Midland Daily News
01/25/05 Environmentalists upset with DEQ-Dow pact Saginaw News
01/24/05 Dow does indeed pollute Michigan's waters Michigan Daily
01/21/05 Dioxin plan details given Midland Daily News
01/21/05 Environmentalists skeptical, public officials encouraged Saginaw News
01/20/05 Good News?  To soon to tell Midland Daily News
01/20/05 Dioxin deal done: Dow, DEQ Agree Midland Daily News
01/20/05 Dow, state OK plan on dioxin Detroit Free Press
01/20/05 Dow releases plan to clean up dioxin Saginaw News
01/20/05 Lawmakers see positives in dioxin agreement Midland Daily News
01/20/05 Dioxin questions remain for area business leaders Midland Daily News
01/20/05 Groups have high hopes after meeting Midland Daily News
01/19/05 Two Midland legislators hope to limit 'Facility' designation Saginaw News
01/19/05 DEQ promises information today Saginaw News
01/17/05 Bill would drop 'facility' designation Midland Daily News
01/17/05 80% response rate not enough Saginaw News
01/13/05 No deal yet on dixon cleanup Midland Daily News
01/13/05 Facing the face
01/11/05 Local companies among top polluters in Michigan Bay City Times
01/08/05 Indian courts summons Dow in Bhopal case Midland Daily News

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