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News Paper/ Media Archives: 2004

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12/30/04 No fish story here Saginaw News
12/29/04 Dioxin cleanup effort requires stronger policy, tougher rules Detroit Free Press
12/28/04 Groups offers suggestions for cleanup plan Midland Daily News
12/28/04 Watchdogs seek seven standards for Dow cleanup Saginaw News
12/26/04 Wildlife study takes time Saginaw News
12/23/04 Public not welcome at meeting about latest dioxin developments Midland Daily News
12/23/04 Businesses desperate for dredging Saginaw News
12/22/04 Dredging din grows Saginaw News
12/21/04 Dioxin levels puzzling Saginaw News
12/20/04 Some want dioxin muck taken to Midland Midland Daily News
12/20/04 Dioxin mucks up dredging project Detroit Free Press
12/17/04 Dioxin seen as worst man-made toxin Washington Times
12/16/04 Poison cases not similar Saginaw News
12/15/04 Dredging dump opponents are down to picking at details Bay City Times
12/10/04 No resolve in Dow dioxin study WNEM-TV5
12/10/04 Dioxin study making progress Midland Daily News
12/10/04 Integrity questions dog dioxin researchers WSGW NewsRadio 790
12/09/04 Residents line up for dioxin exposure study Saginaw News
12/09/04 Imerman park work starts Saginaw News
12/09/04 Dioxin research meeting tonight Midland Daily News
12/09/04 Dioxin study participation high Saginaw News
12/07/04 High dioxin levels found in Saginaw River Midland Daily News
12/07/04 Saginaw River dredging plan sparks plenty of ire Saginaw News
12/06/04 High dioxin levels found in Saginaw River WNEM-TV5
12/04/04 Real estate agents say home sales not affected by dioxin dilema Midland Daily News
12/02/04 Book critical of Dow debuts Midland Daily News
12/02/04 Bhopal industiral accident - 20 years later Midland Daily News
12/02/04 5 minutes past midnight Midland Daily News
12/02/04 Defining corporate responsibility Midland Daily News
12/02/04 Fear of catastrophic chemical leaks remains Midland Daily News
12/02/04 Bhopal's poisonous legacy Boston Globe
11/19/04 Tale of two cities: Bohpal and Saginaw Greenpeace
11/18/04 Dow foundation gives $500,000 grant to Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy Bay City Times
11/12/04 Dow to check river patterns at Imerman Memorial park Saginaw News
11/15/04 Dioxin meeting scheduled for Freeland canceled Midland Daily News
11/12/04 Dow study legitimate, but limited Saginaw News
11/10/04 Dow worker study examines dioxin levels in blood Midland Daily News
11/10/04 Dow study bolsters health clains Saginaw News
11/04/04 State says talks continue with Dow Chemical on dioxin issue Detroit Free Press
11/01/04 Standoff over dioxin drags past deadline Detroit Free Press
11/01/04 Dow dioxin talks with DEQ ongoing Midland Daily News
10/31/04 Liveris takes helm at Dow Chemical Co. Saginaw News
10/29/04 Game deemed unsafe near Tittabawassee Lansing State Journal
10/25/04 EPA testing Sagiaw River, Bay for dioxin levels in sediment Bay City Times
10/19/04 Residents get notice of dioxin exposure Saginaw News
10/17/04 Results back from pilot study of dioxin exposure Midland Daily News
10/17/04 Kahn, Muter differ Saginaw News
10/16/04 Event Center deal prompts small demonstration Saginaw News
10/15/04 Imerman use down 43 percent Saginaw News
10/14/04 DEQ approves Dow's dioxin info campaign Midland Daily News
10/14/04 DEQ approves Dow dioxin communication plan (with video) WNEM-TV5
10/14/04 DEQ OKs communications plan Saginaw News
10/13/04 Dow to build floating dock in park Saginaw News
10/13/04 County trying to buy land for dredging site Saginaw News
10/07/04 Court weighs dioxin issue Midland Daily News
10/07/04 Court enters dioxin debate Saginaw News
10/07/04 Court could allow lawsuits to force Dow to pay testing costs Detroit Free Press
10/06/04 State Supreme Court hears medical testing case Detroit Free Press
10/03/04 Supreme Court begins term with prominent Dow medical testing case Associated Press
10/01/04 Dow and Dioxin Detroit Free Press
10/01/04 State won't fund dioxin study Midland Daily News
09/30/04 Too early to incude Bay County in secrete dioxin deal Bay City Times
09/30/04 Having Faith: Socially Responsible investing finds religion E/The Environmental Magazine
09/29/04 Campaign for a Clean Water Shed, listen to radio ad CCW
09/29/04 Public officials and their connections to Dow Detroit Free Press
09/29/04 Battle rages over cleanup of Dow's toxic legacy Detroit Free Press
09/29/04 Data from studies spun to support different agenda's Detroit Free Press
09/29/04 What are dioxin's, and why should we care? Detroit Free Press
09/27/04 State must force Dow to start dioxin cleanup Traverse City Record Eagle
09/26/04 Tests find dangerous dioxin levels across Bay County Bay City Times
09/26/04 State to test river, bay for toxic 'hot spots' Saginaw News
09/19/04 Dioxin Advisory: Know the risks Saginaw News
09/16/04 Plan due on Halloween Saginaw News
09/15/04 Board OK's The Dow Saginaw News
09/15/04 Event center renamed Saginaw News
09/15/04 Saginaw event center now named after Dow Midland Daily News
09/15/04 UM study legitimate, township decides Saginaw News
09/14/04 Dioxin taint's state game, Advisory involves land near Dow Detroit Free Press
09/14/04 Dioxin taint's state game along the Tittabawassee River, officials say Detroit Free Press
09/14/04 State issues dioxin game advisory WSGW NewsRadio 790
09/14/04 Warning comes on animal dioxin levels ABC WJRT-TV channel 12
09/14/04 Dioxin warning issued Midland Daily News
09/14/04 State warns on wild game Saginaw News
09/14/04 Health warning issued for game along Tittabawassee River WNEM-TV5
09/14/04 State issues warning on animal dioxin levels Bay City Times
09/14/04 $800,000 soil study to test pigs and rats Saginaw News
09/10/04 Group launches campaing for clean watershed Midland Daily News
09/10/04 Residents: What's going on? Saginaw News
09/10/04 Study probes animals and soil Saginaw News
09/09/04 Talks ongoing with Dow Chemical, state. Groups on both sides growing impatient ABC WJRT-TV channel 12
09/05/04 Silence isn't golden, residents believe Midland Daily News
09/05/04 A season of activity: Dioxin timeline Midland Daily News
09/03/04 Monitoring request supported Midland Daily News
09/03/04 Medical Monitoring supporters list Midland Daily News
09/02/04 Dow, attorneys clash over medical testing Saginaw News
09/02/04 It's about health Midland Daily News
09/02/04 Groups back Dow defense Midland Daily News
09/02/04 Organizations against medical monitoring Midland Daily News
08/30/04 Scientists explain how dioxin health study will work Midland Daily News
08/30/04 We are not Dow, U-M says Saginaw News
08/30/04 Dioxin study starting WSGW NewsRadio 790
08/27/04 Thanks for EPA support, now get numbers to agree Bay City Times
08/26/04 U-M dioxin study focus of Sunday meeting Midland Daily News
08/17/04 Public health official leaves under a cloud Saginaw News
08/17/04 Harassment claim made against health dept official WNEM-TV5
08/17/04 Saginaw County health director retires WSGW NewsRadio 790
08/15/04 Dow downplays appraisers dioxin comments Midland Daily News
08/12/04 Accuracy of Dow Chemical statements and SEC filings Questioned Corporate Social Responsibility News Wire
08/12/04 Dioxin risk in fish unacceptable Saginaw News
08/12/04 SEC asked to investiage Dow filings Midland Daily News
08/12/04 Disidents send letter to SEC Saginaw News
08/11/04 Investment group questions Dow filings WSGW NewsRadio 790
08/10/04 EPA to step in on dioxin controversy Midland Daily News
08/10/04 Dow deep in denial?
07/29/04 Dow seeks legal relief Saginaw News
07/29/04 Dow files papers in high court Midland Daily News
07/18/04 Differing dioxin standards have differing purposes Saginaw News
07/18/04 Latest dioxin study helps build big picture Bay City Times
07/18/04 Contamination question Midland Daily News
07/18/04 Area dioxin timeline Midland Daily News
07/17/04 Bait shops struggling Saginaw News
07/14/04 'Blood, sweat, and tears' in resolution Saginaw News
07/14/04 Tittabawassee dioxin resolution is middle of the road Midland Daily News
07/13/04 Dow must clean up dioxin in Midland Detroit News
07/09/04 Dow study: Game meat safe to eat Midland Daily News
07/09/04 Study: Dioxin low in animals Saginaw News
07/08/04 Dioxin Misperceptions Midland Daily News
07/08/04 'Facility' label out of DEQ hands Midland Daily News
07/01/04 U-M launching study Saginaw News
06/30/04 Community divided over dioxin resolution proposal Midland Daily News
06/30/04 Township panel: Back up the label Saginaw News
06/25/04 High level dioxin talks begin Saginaw News
06/25/04 Citizens want to be heard (with reader opinions) Midland Daily News
06/22/04 Press Release: Citizens discuss dioxin with Granholm
06/22/04 Dioxin critics talk with Granholm Saginaw News
06/22/04 Citizens talk dioxin with Granholm Midland Daily News
06/21/04 Dow helps out Saginaw News
06/19/04 Dioxin debate lingers in Midland, Saginaw Detroit News
06/19/04 Dioxin discussion WSGW NewsRadio 790
06/17/04 GOP tries to pluck out DEQ's offending agency Bay City Times
06/17/04 Dioxin update WSGW NewsRadio 790
06/17/04 Helder leaving dioxin case Midland Daily News
06/16/04 Dioxin plan on hold Saginaw News
06/16/04 Attorney shuffle in dioxin lawsuit Saginaw News
06/13/04 Dioxoin argument leads to DEQ cuts Traverse City Record Eagle
06/12/04 Some Dow union workers have pay slashed Midland Daily News
06/11/04 Township panel: no 'facility' Saginaw News
06/10/04 Dioxin health risks ignored Midland Daily News
06/10/04 State DEQ money restored Midland Daily News
06/09/04 House reinstating DEQ's Hazardous Waste program Detroit Free Press
06/09/04 Trustees delay vote on dioxin designation Saginaw News
06/09/04 Residents greet governer during ride on rail-trail Midland Daily News
06/08/04 Midland group will not greet Granholm today Midland Daily News
06/08/04 Dioxin issue may appear before county Saginaw News
06/08/04 House might reconsider state DEQ funds cut (with reader opinion) Midland Daily News
06/07/04 DEQ critics want to strip its power Saginaw News
06/06/04 FORUM:Bioavailability study needed for dioxin (with reader opinion) Midland Daily News
06/05/04 Granholm blasts lawmaker for targeting hazardous waste program Detroit News
06/05/04 Granholm, GOP lawmakers discuss fight over dioxin standard Detroit Free Press
06/05/04 Court takes dioxin suit Saginaw News
06/05/04 Supreme Court issues further delay of dioxin suit Midland Daily News
06/04/04 Argument over waste cleanup plan gets dirty Detroit Free Press
06/04/04 Granholm to weigh in on dioxin Saginaw News
06/04/04 Granholm talks Midland Daily News
06/04/04 House panel votes to cut DEQ Midland Daily News
06/03/04 Parks facing dilema Saginaw News
06/03/04 Officials to meet Saturday with Granholm Midland Daily News
06/03/04 City to back higher dioxin standards Midland Daily News
06/02/04 Judge: no more delays Midland Daily News
06/01/04 Lawmakers: Dioxin session with governor Saginaw News
06/01/04 Message sent to Granholm Midland Daily News
05/31/04 DEQ close to approving Dow's dioxin remediation plans Midland Daily News
05/30/04 Study finds residents want study of dioxin exposure Midland Daily News
05/29/04 Dioxin standard under attack Saginaw News
05/28/04 Legislators jump in on dioxin issue Midland Daily News
05/27/04 Dioxin health study dilemma WSGW NewsRadio 790
05/27/04 Midland meets to voice dioxin concerns WSGW NewsRadio 790
05/27/04 Residents want state probe Saginaw News
05/27/04 MDEQ promises clean up plan by next month Saginaw News
05/27/04 Dow: State standard "flawed" Saginaw News
05/27/04 Residents pack MCFTA to hear dioxin answers Midland Daily News
05/26/04 Midlanders to take message to Granhom Midland Daily News
05/26/04 Group: dioxin threat overblown Saginaw News
05/25/04 Midland facing soil tests Saginaw News
05/24/04 River nears flood stage Midland Daily News
05/24/04 Resident wants citizens involved in dioxin dispute Midland Daily News
05/23/04 City urging Midlanders to participate in dialog Midland Daily News
05/22/04 Dioxin exposure study begins Midland Daily News
05/21/04 Hundreds await test for dioxin Saginaw News
05/12/04 Soil sampling affects many Saginaw News
05/12/04 Midlanders may ask about dioxin Saginaw News
05/12/04 Flooding delays State Steet project Saginaw News
05/12/04 Midland must deal with dioxin Detroit News
05/11/04 Neighbors strike back over labeling of river Saginaw News
05/10/04 State dioxin standards concern Midland WSGW NewsRadio 790
05/09/04 DEQ won't back down on dioxin Midland Daily News
05/09/04 DEQ isn't backing down on Midland dioxin Grand Forks Herald-API
05/07/04 State urges caution at Saginaw Township park Saginaw News
05/05/04 State representatives want to limit DEQ's authority Detroit News
04/30/04 Dow to cut 3000 more people Midland Daily News
04/30/04 New technology allows dioxin prescreening down to half-part per trillion Midland Daily News
04/29/04 City won't let DEQ take samples Midland Daily News
04/29/04 3000 to go at Dow WSGW NewsRadio 790
04/29/04 EPA studying several dioxin testing methods Saginaw News
04/28/04 Report: Don't dump $$ in Dow Saginaw News
04/28/04 EPA unveils new dioxin testing program WSGW NewsRadio 790
04/27/04 EPA to test dioxin monitors Saginaw News
04/26/04 Fairness of Dow executive bonuses debated WSGW NewsRadio 790
04/23/04 Dow responds to negative stock report WSGW NewsRadio 790
04/23/04 Dow   exclaims growth is the key WSGW NewsRadio 790
04/23/04 Dioxin Threats Real,  letter to the editor Saginaw News
04/21/04 Different Tune  (note SN did not post online) Saginaw News
04/21/04 Relative Values  (note SN did not post online) Saginaw News
04/20/04 Dioxin impacts road project Saginaw News
04/19/04 Video looks closer at dioxin issue Bay City Times
04/11/04 Shareholders will chart Dow's course Saginaw News
04/04/04 Dioxin descrepancies Saginaw News
04/04/04 Where some see villian, others see bad fiction Saginaw News
04/04/04 Dioxin acts like a hormone Saginaw News
04/04/04 Leak stopped Saginaw News
03/27/04 Dioxin parties praise judge Midland Daily News
03/27/04 Borrello delays dioxin lawsuit hearing Saginaw News
03/25/04 Judge says no delay Midland Daily News
03/25/04 Judge no more delays for hearing Saginaw News
03/22/04 History says Dow skirts problem Saginaw News
03/22/04 Enviromentalist worry about dioxins with flooding ABC WJRT-TV channel 12
03/22/04 Dow ranked in Fortune 50 Midland Daily News
03/20/04 Attorney urges class-action suit for Tittabawassee River residents Saginaw News
03/20/04 Plaintiffs: Dow defense makes no sense Midland Daily News
03/20/04 Worthless homes selling Saginaw News
03/20/04 Dow and plaintiffs researching property values Midland Daily News
03/18/04 Judge dimisses nine Saginaw News
03/18/04 Some plaintiffs dismissed from dioxin suit Midland Daily News
03/17/04 Lone Tree seeks proof of researchers objectivity Saginaw News
03/17/04 MSU crew wants views Saginaw News
03/15/04 Study bias fears arise Saginaw News
03/13/04 State comment's on Dow's proposed dioxin study, suggests MPHI for studies Midland Daily News
03/11/04 Flood-borne sediment includes dioxin Saginaw News
03/11/04 State wants public's comments on plans Midland Daily News
03/11/04 Agencies to release views on Dow's dioxin plan Midland Daily News
03/11/04 Dow ready to pay for dioxin information WSGW NewsRadio 790
03/09/04 Dow seeks fewer litigants Saginaw News
03/09/04 Residents returning home Saginaw News
03/06/04 River Rising Midland Daily News
03/04/04 Judge makes document ruling Saginaw News
03/04/04 Dow exec defends company Saginaw News
03/02/04 Dow-Dioxin case update WSGW NewsRadio 790
03/02/04 Judge to rule in dioxin lawsuit Saginaw News
03/02/04 Dioxin plaintiff's have not provided paper work Midland Daily News
02/28/04 Dow fights class-action Saginaw News
02/28/04 Company says time to sue has expired for some Midland Daily News
02/28/04 100-year flood plain in dispute Midland Daily News
02/28/04 Dow files opposition to class action status in dioxin case Midland Daily News
02/24/04 Dioxin numbers reassure Dow, upset residents Saginaw News
02/24/04 DEQ study shows elevated dioxin levels along river WNEM-TV5
02/24/04 New dioxin results released WSGW NewsRadio 790
02/24/04 Dioxin levels worry residents, Levels along Tittabawassee High ABC WJRT-TV channel 12
02/24/04 DEQ releases results of dioxin test at Tittabawassee River floodplain Associated Press
02/24/04 DEQ: Dioxin levels remain high Midland Daily News
02/23/04 DEQ Preliminary Soil Sample Results from Residential Properties Located Within the Tittabawassee River Floodplain Continue to Identify Dioxin Contamination Ecology Center
02/20/04 Dow submits detailed dioxin cleanup report Saginaw News
02/19/04 New dioxin test results soon WSGW NewsRadio 790
02/18/04 Dioxin blood level study questioned WSGW NewsRadio 790
02/18/04 Dow's interim plans resubmitted WSGW NewsRadio 790
02/18/04 Dioxin remediation plans focusing in on Midland Midland Daily News
02/18/04 Dow submits revised plan Saginaw News
02/11/04 U-M preparing dioxin exposure study Midland Daily News
02/11/04 Dow explains it's two-year study Saginaw News
02/06/04 Dow wants residents input Saginaw News
01/31/04 Dow pays for own study Saginaw News
01/30/04 Dow funding dioxin study Midland Daily News
01/29/04 State OK's Dow delay on cleanup Saginaw News
01/29/04 Extension granted for Dow dioxin plan Midland Daily News
01/27/04 Judge rejects Dow's request Saginaw News
01/27/04 Class-Action status hearing in suit against Dow delayed Midland Daily News
01/25/04 Hearing on Dow concerns set for Monday Midland Daily News
01/20/04 Paper chase gets ugly Saginaw News
01/15/04 Mackinaw Center hires former MDEQ director Midland Daily News
01/09/04 State to test dioxin claims Saginaw News
01/08/04 State warns schools against using Imerman Memorial Park Midland Daily News
01/08/04 State warns schools Saginaw News
01/06/04 Defene attorneys group wants monitoring claim against Dow thrown out Midland Daily News
01/06/04 Dow gets new backer Saginaw News

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