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News Paper/ Media Archives: 2003

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12/23/03 Judge: Dow can depose 50 plaintiffs Midland Daily News
12/20/03 Briefs filed in dioxin suit Midland Daily News
12/19/03 Attorney wants 179 interviews halted Saginaw News
12/19/03 Limit on dioxin depositions sought Midland Daily News
12/16/03 DEQ: cleanup plan deficient Saginaw News
12/16/03 Judge: keep to schedule Saginaw News
12/16/03 Dow: home sale aids case Midland Daily News
12/16/03 Judge waits to add plaintiffs Midland Daily News
12/15/03 Dow receives notice on dioxin contamination Midland Daily News
12/14/03 25 years later, there's still no easy answer Saginaw News
12/14/03 No easy answers Saginaw News
12/12/03 Crops safe; don't eat livestock Saginaw News
12/12/03 Dioxin and agriculture WSGW NewsRadio 790
12/12/03 Dow appeals section of dioxin lawsuit WSGW NewsRadio 790
12/12/03 Dow asks state supreme court for change in dioxin rules WNEM-TV5
12/12/03 Dow appelas issue to supreme court Midland Daily News
12/11/03 Residents attorney defends his case Saginaw News
12/11/03 Dow appeals medical monitoring to state supreme court Wichita Eagel
12/11/03 Dow jumps over court of appeals Saginaw News
12/10/03 Dow dioxin plan deficient, SN Editorial Saginaw News
12/10/03 Dow files motion fighting suit changes Saginaw News
12/10/03 Dow says plaintiffs attorneys witholding documents Midland Daily News
12/09/03 Dioxin trace found near Saginaw Bay Saginaw News
12/09/03 Hundreds join in lawsuit against chemical company Michigan Daily
12/08/03 Dioxin Websites Growing WSGW NewsRadio 790
12/08/03 More than 300 residents sign on to lawsuit against Dow Detroit News
12/05/03 More people join suit against Dow Midland Daily News
12/04/03 Dow failed to solve dioxin problem, state says Detroit News
12/04/03 State: Dow to slow Saginaw News
12/04/03 State tests dust, blood Saginaw News
12/04/03 Attorney wants litigant list bigger Saginaw News
12/04/03 DEQ issues notice of deficiency to Dow Midland Daily News
12/04/03 Health study underway Midland Daily News
12/02/03 State calls dioxin threat to wildlife Saginaw News
12/02/03 Michigan study says dioxin level exceed safe zone Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
12/02/03 Report says dioxin in river is a threat to wildlife WNEM-TV5
11/27/03 The real reason for class-action hearing delay
11/26/03 Decision on dioxin class-action status delayed again Midland Daily News
11/25/03 Judge delays class-action hearing Saginaw News
11/19/03 Class-acton hearing may be delayed Saginaw News
11/19/03 Dow seeks further delay in dioxin case Midland Daily News
11/12/03 Flood plain dioxin meeting mild (with reader comments) Midland Daily News
11/11/03 Residents get info from Dow Saginaw News
11/11/03 Dow targets wildlife Saginaw News
11/10/03 Judge limits talks on dioxin between Dow and residents Miami Herald
11/10/03 Split ruling in dioxin case limits. WSGW NewsRadio 790
11/10/03 Judge: Talks ok, records off limits Saginaw News
11/10/03 Dow can't harass river residents WNEM-TV5
11/09/03 Dow can meet with potential plaintiffs Midland Daily News
11/09/03 Dioxin blamed for disappearance of Great Lakes trout Midland Daily News
11/08/03 TRW responds to Dow comments
11/07/03 Dow to those along the tittabawassee: Lets talk Saginaw News
11/07/03 Dioxin plaintiffs cry foul about meetings Midland Daily News
11/06/03 What you say can and will be used against you
11/06/03 Dioxin tussel back in court Saginaw News
10/31/03 Court rejects Dow's appeal on medical monitoring Saginaw News
10/31/03 Appeals court will not hear Dow case Midland Daily News
10/30/03 Appeals court refuses Dow's appeal
10/30/03 Court of appeals says no to Dow WSGW NewsRadio 790
10/29/03 New debates in dioxin case WSGW NewsRadio 790
10/29/03 Class-action decision delayed until '04 Midland Daily News
10/29/03 Dioxin records decision due from judge in 10 days Saginaw News
10/28/03 Judge to rule on dioxin documents Saginaw News
10/27/03 Hebert receives environmental award from MEC Midland Daily News
10/26/03 Dioxin dust-up, Saginaw News editorial Saginaw News
10/26/03 Awesome resources now contaminated, Saginaw News editorial Saginaw News
10/23/03 Act on dioxin, Saginaw News editorial Saginaw News
10/23/03 DEQ approves preliminary Dow plan Midland Daily News
10/23/03 Dioxin wildlife study approved WSGW NewsRadio 790
10/15/03 Park deck a dioxin barrier Saginaw News
10/14/03 Judge declares Oct. 28th deadline for information in dioxin suit Midland Daily News
10/14/03 Judge orders Dow, residents to share Saginaw News
10/10/03 Dioxin likely won't affect walleye festival Saginaw News
10/09/03 Dioxin levels up in wildlife along river, stuides show Saginaw News
10/09/03 Two new studies on dioxin case WSGW NewsRadio 790
10/09/03 Extremely high dioxin levels found in fish, birds, and mammals WNEM-TV5
10/09/03 Dioxin: What is the risk? Midland Daily News
10/08/03 Dioxin readings high Midland Daily News
10/03/03 Dow petitions to appeals court Midland Daily News
10/02/03 Dow: Little dioxin risk Saginaw News
10/02/03 Plaintiff not surprised by Dow Chemical filing Midland Daily News
10/02/03 Dow: There's no health risk Midland Daily News
10/1/03 Dow Chemical hit's the trenches Forbes
10/1/03 Dioxin issue splits residents Detroit News
9/28/03 Hearing set in December for dioxin-related lawsui Saginaw News
9/27/03 Judge delays hearing on Dow class-action Midland Daily News
9/26/03 Tests confirm elevated levels of dioxin at Tittabawassee River Residences Midland Daily News
9/26/03 The great divide Saginaw News
9/26/03 Many Midlanders back Dow dioxin Midland Daily News
9/26/03 Input for improvement WSGW NewsRadio 790
9/24/03 Negative response disappoints Dow Saginaw News
9/24/03 Researchers testing area for dioxin Midland Daily News
9/23/03 Tough crowd greets Dow on river dioxin Saginaw News
9/23/03 Waves of frustration, moments of valuable public dioxin feedback Midland Daily News
9/23/03 Cleanup of the Saginaw River could be Dow's next task Midland Daily News
9/23/03 Midland Meeting Thrusday Midland Daily News
9/18/03 DEQ sets meeting on Dow Midland Daily News
9/17/03 Dow wants to know hearings topics Midland Daily News
9/16/03 Dioxin suit decision stands Saginaw News
9/15/03 Denial and date set for dioxin case WSGW NewsRadio 790
9/13/03 Dow, property owners get Nov 18 court date Midland Daily News
9/13/03 Dow wants monitoring requirement dismissed Midland Daily News
9/10/03 Dow asked to do more Midland Daily News
9/10/03 Watchdog group seeks Dow action Saginaw News
9/7/03 Dow asks judge to reconsider ruling Midland Daily News
9/7/03 Sign of the times Saginaw News
9/4/03 Dow must allay dioxin distrust Saginaw News
9/4/03 Public offers input on Dow's dioxin Midland Daily News
9/4/03 Dow gets advice on cleanup Saginaw News
9/3/03 Dow Chemical meets with public on dioxins ABC WJRT-TV channel 12
9/3/03 Tittabawassee wildlife faces dioxin testing Saginaw News
9/3/03 MSU team to study Tittabawassee dioxin Midland Daily News
8/27/03 Limited dioxin study opposed higher dioxin Township Times
8/27/03 Borrello rules on dioxin lawsuit Township Times
8/23/03 Scope of work Midland Daily News
8/21/03 No one knows answers to worrisome questions Saginaw News
8/21/03 Dioxin worries aired at Freeland Meeting Midland Daily News
8/20/03 Lawsuit plaintiffs win this round
8/20/03 Dioxin case moving forward Midland Daily News
8/20/03 Dioxin rulings mixed Saginaw News
8/20/03 State demands more from Dow Saginaw News
8/13/03 Critics call Dow's dioxin plan a 'stall technique' Saginaw News
8/12/03 Dow outlines plans for dixoin in floodplain Saginaw News
8/12/03 Dow submits dioxin study plans Midland Daily News
8/12/03 Dow Chemical Releases Plans For Dioxin Issues WNEM-TV5
8/08/03 Foul Wind? Saginaw News
7/27/03 Toxic legacy back to haunt us Saginaw News
7/24/03 Dioxin, fight reach high levels Saginaw News
7/22/03 Judge expected to rule on Dow cases in two weeks Midland Daily News
7/22/03 Dow fights paying floodplain residents' medical tests Bay CIty Times
7/22/03 Dow seeks dismissal Saginaw News
7/21/03 Court hears arguments in Dow Dioxin case WNEM-TV5
7/21/03 Dioxin Hearing WSGW NewsRadio 790
7/21/03 Suit against Dow to be considered today Midland Daily News
7/16/03 Dow suit hearing Monday Midland Daily News
7/1/03 U.S. needs to act to reduce dioxins, panel says Reuters
7/1/03 Dioxin on your plate? CBS News
6/27/03 Health study not planned for this summer - SN Editorial Saginaw News
6/26/03 Dow: new hazardous waste incinerator to have cleaner emmissions Bay CIty Times
6/25/03 Dioxin notice alters sales Saginaw News
6/25/03 Dioxin testing progresses Saginaw News
6/25/03 Input sought on Dow License, Saginaw Bay Watershed contamination Midland Daily News
6/25/03 Dioxin Health Study starts this summer Midland Daily News
6/24/03 Dioxin meeting Tuesday Saginaw News
6/24/03 Judge reviews dioxin suit Midland Daily News
6/23/03 Hearing today on dioxin lawsuit Midland Daily News
6/23/03 Dioxin suit status up to judge Saginaw News
6/9/03 Dow sued over dioxin in soil Chemical & Engineering News
6/2/03 More join in on dioxin lawsuit ABC WJRT-TV channel 12
6/2/03 Saginaw - Dow Lawsuit WATZ 1450AM/93.3FM
6/2/03 Dioxin suit plaintifs now 142 Saginaw News
5/31/03 Dioxin lawsuit grows Midland Daily News
5/22/03 Action, additional study needed dioxin (1 of 3) Saginaw News
5/22/03 Action, additional study needed dioxin (2of 3) Saginaw News
5/22/03 Action, additional study needed dioxin (3 of 3) Saginaw News
5/18/03 Dow replies to suit Saginaw News
5/17/03 Dow responds to dioxin suit Midland Daily News
5/17/03 Dow responds to dioxin contamination lawsuit Associated Press
5/15/03 EPA staff criticizes planned focus on scientific review of dioxin study Inside Washington Publishers
5/9/03 Shareholders up the ante at Dow annual meeting Saginaw News
5/7/03 Disclosure vote on Dow meetng adgenda Midland Daily News
4/30/03 Health Study Not the Answer Midland Daily News
April 03 Nearly 2,000 residents file suit against Dow, claiming dioxin destroyed property values Enviornment Reporter
4/1/03 Michigan proposes expanded dioxin cleanup requirements for Dow Chemical Chemical Policy Alert
4/24/03 US SRI firm warns investors of huge financial risks from Dow dioxin emissions AFX Financial News
4/23/03 Dow has a moral obligation to clean up Bhopal and Midland Ann Arbor News
4/12/03 The student body of the University of Michigan demands that Dow take responsibility for its own pollution, and clean up the contamination in Bhopal and the Tittabawassee River Michigan Independant Media Center
3/27/03 Residents sue Dow Chemical Detroit News
3/26/03 Dow Chemical sued Chicago Tribune Online
3/26/03 Families believe homes have no value due to dioxin Midland Daily News
3/26/03 Dow sued over dioxin in land near river Midland Daily News
3/26/03 Dow facing dioxin suit (part 1 of 2) Saginaw News
3/26/03 Dow facing dioxin suit (part 2 of 2) Saginaw News
3/25/03 Saginaw county residents sue Dow for dioxin contamination Associated Press
1/8/03 Dow still wants higher dioxin level, health study Township Times
1/8/03 Dow dioxin deferment dead Metro Times Detroit

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