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Flood of 2004:  Imerman Park

All images below taken 4/4/04, 3 weeks after flood receded.  Over 40 photo's are loading, it may take a while...

A walk through the park

Note: Back section of park is currently closed.  This walk was taken for documentation purposes as a public service because the Saginaw County Health Department thinks Poison Ivy is a greater health threat than dioxin.  Do NOT do this without proper footgear, stay on the road, and do not take young children or pets.   I am using the word sand or sandy for lack of a better term and assume the MDEQ will eventually test and classify the soil deposited by the flood.

In the back section of the park, significant amounts of sandy soil are layered over the grass.   In some cases, small dunes have formed.  Areas used for sport's and family gatherings such as the ball field and river pavilion have not been spared.   Unfortunately, people will be kicking this new contaminated soil around for years to come.  To interpret images below, consider that most of the open spaces are usually covered with grass.   Visible sand deposits are not normal for these areas.   The river banks can be sandy in places, however they seldom, if every have accumulations of sand as seen in these photo's.   Sand deposits in the wooded areas are also new.  In the areas toward the front of the park, farthest from the river, the sand deposits are less developed, but still present.  Can you imagine how Dow's proposed "capping" will solve this problem?  Are they willing to do it every year and/or after every flood?  How long will wood chips last on the trails?  The day these photo's were taken, people walked their dogs through all the areas shown, including the river bank trails, back activity fields, and woods.  Evidently the current warning signs are not enough.   Even worse, the soil on the dogs feet will be tracked all over the owners car and possibly their home.  In my opinion, the back section of the park should remain closed until further notice.    Gary Henry, TRW.

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Road leading to back section of park by Tittabawassee River.  All that you see here was under 3-5 feet of water dung the flood.

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Does "flood damage" include Dow's dioxin?   From what I saw today park should remain closed indefinetly.

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Back area river pavilion.  Most of the area above buried under sand deposits left by flood of the Tittabawassee River.

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Back area ball diamond.  This picture should be all green, sand deposited by flood.  No dioxin warning signs!

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Lots of new sand.  Think any kids might try playing in it?  See any warning signs?

2004_0404_105110AA.JPG (129889 bytes)

Back river pavilion grill awash in sea of flood deposits.

2004_0404_103706AA.JPG (125702 bytes)

New sand deposits in grass.  See any Dioxin warning signs?

2004_0404_103811AA.JPG (124004 bytes)

Back pavilion behind outhouses, not as much sand, however notice mud on cement.

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Not sure what this is all about.  Located south side of boat launch.

2004_0404_104106AA.JPG (130284 bytes)

River banks north of boat launch, sand is new.  Notice warning sign to stay off banks

2004_0404_104130AA.JPG (132376 bytes)

River trail entrance north side of boat launch. 

2004_0404_104148AA.JPG (129092 bytes)

Boat launch area.  Think any  boaters will be taking the dirt home with them?

2004_0404_104442AA.JPG (125512 bytes)

The new sand deposits are everywhere in back area activities field

2004_0404_104539AA.JPG (123534 bytes)

The new sand deposits are everywhere in back area activities field

2004_0404_104627AA.JPG (128114 bytes)

Road winds back through woods to front area and main park entrance

2004_0404_104741AA.JPG (125242 bytes)

River bank by back area activities field

2004_0404_104754AA.JPG (127699 bytes)

River bank by back area activities field.  Notice erosion abound poles, are they from the flood?

2004_0404_104802AA.JPG (125413 bytes)

River bank by back area activity field.  Looks like this sign was under water.

2004_0404_104813AA.JPG (129459 bytes)

Back area activity field meets the river bank.  Looks like sand dunes are forming with river sediment.

2004_0404_104902AA.JPG (132928 bytes)

Woods photo between front & back areas of park. White sand is new. Dark,Grey soil & leaf litter usually in these areas.

2004_0404_104907AA.JPG (132530 bytes)

Woods photo. White sand is new. Dark,grey soil & leaf litter usually in these areas. 

2004_0404_104930AA.JPG (131810 bytes)

Woods photo. White sand is new. Dark,grey soil & leaf litter usually in these areas. 

2004_0404_104948AA.JPG (125292 bytes)

Road damage by flood? Back area river pavilion parking lot entrance.

2004_0404_105011AA.JPG (127953 bytes)

2004_0404_105033AA.JPG (129189 bytes)

River pavilion parking lot.  Lots of new sand.

2004_0404_105057AA.JPG (131170 bytes)

Area surrounding river pavilion.  Lots of new sand deposits.

2004_0404_105114AA.JPG (129795 bytes)

Area surrounding river pavilion.  Lots of new sand deposits.

2004_0404_105126AA.JPG (127616 bytes)

Area surrounding river pavilion.  Lots of new sand deposits to walk in.

2004_0404_105151AA.JPG (124580 bytes)

Area surrounding river pavilion.  Lots of new sand deposits, this shot is usually mostly green with grass.

2004_0404_105236AA.JPG (128302 bytes)

Trail head leading from river pavilion to front area of park.  Lots of new sand.

2004_0404_105250AA.JPG (126748 bytes)

Area surrounding river pavilion.  Lots of new sand deposits, notice grill on left.

2004_0404_105319AA.JPG (124854 bytes)

2004_0404_105415AA.JPG (130787 bytes)

2004_0404_105428AA.JPG (126793 bytes)

Woods.  All that white sand left from flood

2004_0404_105453AA.JPG (130104 bytes)

2004_0404_105502AA.JPG (133673 bytes)

2004_0404_105537AA.JPG (131578 bytes)

2004_0404_105542AA.JPG (129988 bytes)

Side of road in woods leading to front area. Not as much flood deposits, but it's still there.

2004_0404_105548AA.JPG (134343 bytes)

2004_0404_105609AA.JPG (132334 bytes)

2004_0404_105624AA.JPG (133861 bytes)

2004_0404_105700AA.JPG (128509 bytes)

Dog took some home.

2004_0404_105838AA.JPG (129688 bytes)

Trail entrance off front area main parking lot.  Trail runs through area's of woods shots in previous photos.

2004_0404_105908AA.JPG (126691 bytes)

This structure had 3-5 feet of flood water in it.

2004_0404_105932AA.JPG (131185 bytes)

Not a lot of noticeable flood deposits by front pavilion, though still present.


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