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The editorials below are provided by concerned citizens.  To submit articles for publishing, email them to   TRW cannot and will not vouch for the accuracy of the statements made here, we encourage you to trust, but verify.   PLEASE do not send your comments in attachments to your email (because of the threat of viruses, we will not open them).  Thanks for your understanding.  Scanned items are in blue.


bullet POPs Exposure Minimization Education, Donald Hassig, TRW, 09/09/12
bullet EPA:  End CAG pro Dow bias, TRW, 07/29/11
bullet Torn From The Front Page: Work with the EPA on plans to address dioxin contamination, SN, 01/20/11
bullet Request from "Housewife" for drinking waters tests should be respected, SN, 11/12/09
bullet Assumptions without research lead to misinformation, Mario Mangino (EPA), SN, 05/31/08
bullet Agencies consider downstream effect of river restoration, Ralph Dollhopf (EPA), SN, 05/31/08
bulletPublic health and human lives depend upon it. Dr Neill Varner letter to Lt. Gov. Cherry 04/30/08
bulletDon't blame the environmentalists, Marcia Woodman, SN, 04/04/08
bulletAs if dioxin is not enough, Richard Maltby, TRW, 3/17/08
bulletComplete clean-up, Richard Maltby, SN, 03/14/08
bulletClearing river will take combined efforts, Ken Horn, SN, 02/29/08
bulletHuman health effects of dioxins and furans, TRW, 2/26/08
bulletLocal poor cancer risk 1 in 25, Kathy Henry, TRW, 2/10/08
bulletStop coddling Dow, Pat Weatherbee, SN, 01/22/08
bulletDow must step up, Kathy Henry, SN, 01/21/08
bulletTri-Counties Planning Program, Richard Maltby, TRW, 01/17/08
bulletDow intransigence creates questions , Carol Chisholm, SN, 01/11/08
bulletWhere's the connection? John Taylor, SN, 1/6/08
bulletAgencies have been gutted, Paul Heller, DFP, 12/11/07
bulletDow contamination is a nightmare, Jim Weatherbee, DFP, 12/11/07
bulletDow needs to be accountable for all cleanup, James Anglin, TRW, 12/09/07
bulletDioxin media coverage, Deepak Dighe, TRW, 12/09/07
bulletEPA right in urging Dow to speed up work, MDN, Richard Karl, 10/23/07
bulletDo the Right Thing, Kathy Henry, 10/11/07
bulletEPA Bashing, Richard Maltby, MDN, 10/01/07
bulletMDN comparison Invalid, Michelle Hurd Riddick, MDN, 09/26/07
bulletRemove dioxin and restore the river, SN, Gary Henry, 09/23/07
bulletLoss of Community Identity, Kathy Henry, 09/14/07
bulletMDN position wrong on dioxin data, Don Brown, 09/06/07
bulletFish consumption still a hazard, MDCH, 08/27/07
bulletThank you, Tonya Moening, TRW, 0/13/07*
bullet Dioxin Exposure, Richard Maltby, TRW, 08/9/07
bulletMDEQ Responds to SN editorial, Steven Chester, SN 07/20/07
bulletDon't be fooled, Kathy Henry, SN, 06/10/07
bulletSome are fooled by Dow Spin, Neil Varner, SN, 06/10/07
bulletPair Admired, Kim Winchell, SN, 05/02/07
bulletLone Tree Praise, John Taylor, SN, 05/1/07
bullet It's time to put the Saginaw Valley in Ecological Order - Richard Maltby, TRW, 04/12/07
bullet It's time to think ahead - a planners perspective, Richard Maltby, TRW, 03/12/07
bulletA "Human Element" Metamorphosis, ML, 02/22/07
bulletClean it up, Brady Steckert, SN, 02/02/07
bulletFor your information, Richard Maltby, TRW, 02/02/07
bulletPlaying to peoples fears, Michelle Hurd Riddick, SN, 01/24/07
bulletClean up the River, Rachel C.H. Anger, SN, 01/24/07
bulletDioxin harm already done, Dave Dempsey, SN, 01/23/07
bulletAction Level, Kathy Henry, SN, 1/18/07
bulletSaginaw News Editorial (Did Dow write this?), 1/18/07
bulletWhere's the 'Human Element'?, Richard Maltby, MDN, 1/12/07
bulletDioxin Sediment Remediation In Sydney, Australia, MDN, 1/11/07
bullet Dioxin Dangers, Richard Maltby, SN, 01/07/07
bullet More ways to help the enviorment, Richard Maltby, MDN, 12/17/06
bullet Too-Fast forward: Saginaw River dredgings dump repeats mistakes of the past, Terry Miller, BCT, 12/17/06
bullet Dioxin levels higher in region, Richard Maltby, SN, 12/03/06
bullet Protecting Property, Kathy Henry, SN, 11/19/06
bullet Dioxin Votes, Kathy Henry, SN, 10/15/06
bullet Great Lakes at crossroads, Richard Maltby, SN, 09/28/06
bullet Navigation and Remediation, Saginaw News Editorial, 09/24/06
bullet Zero Tolerance, Wendy Domino, SN, 09/21/06
bullet Feeling shut out, Betty Damore, SN, 09/13/06
bullet Limiting Exposure, Marcia Woodman, SN, 08/27/06
bullet More Delay, Pat Weatherbee, SN, 08/27/06
bullet Is soil a pathway for dioxin to get into blood?  Their answer is yes.  Michelle Hurd Riddick, SN, 081706
bullet Significant Increase, Kathy Henry, SN, 08/20/06
bullet Dioxin study an important step, Midland Daily News editorial, 08/20/06
bullet Study moderates the dioxin alarm, SN, 08/17/06
bullet White Mans Bhopal, Nityanand Jayaraman, MDN (not published), 05/12/06
bullet Lost opportunities, Kathy Henry, SN, 05/04/06
bullet Oppose 1000 ppt, Ward Hodge, TRW, 05/01/06
bullet Who pays?, Robert Ciaffone, SN, 05/04/06
bullet 90ppt applied to residential redevelopments in Sydney, Paul Hanly, MDN, 04/26/06
bullet Time to talk, John Taylor, SN, 04/19/06
bullet Dioxin Problems, Mary Ellen Garrett, SN, 04/16/06
bullet Contaminated property appraisals, Gary Henry, TRW, 03/19/06
bullet Dioxin Health Risks, RIchard Maltby, TRW, 03/17/06
bullet Sediment worries, Richard Stimpson, SN, 03/16/06
bullet Very small errors in data can lead to larger errors, Chad M. Schaeding 03/06/06
bullet Dioxin cleanup plan falls short, Saginaw News Editorial, 03/07/06
bullet Selective Reporting, David Linhardt, SN, 03/06/06
bullet Delay Tactics, Richard Maltby, SN, 03/06/06
bulletA compromise will be in order, Midland Daily News editorial, 03/01/06
bullet DEQ goal to protect public and environment, Steven Chester, MDN, 02/19/06
bullet Unfair Influence?, Martha Stimpson, SN, 02/17/06
bullet A good year soiled?, Kathy Henry, SN, 02/05/06
bullet Whose dioxin perspective?, Michelle Hurd Riddick, SN, 02/01/06
bullet Dredging the line, Hilda Dijak, SN, 02/10/06
bullet Dioxin Dangers, Richard Maltby, TRW, 01/29/06
bullet Be vocal, Richard Maltby, MDN, 01/17/06
bullet DEQ hopeful dioxin discussion can continue, Steven Chester, MDN, 01/08/06
bullet Midland ignores public health?, Richard Maltby,SN, 12/20/05
bullet Where is fairness?, Richard Maltby, SN, 11/18/05
bullet Little concern from politicians, Marcia Woodman, SN, 11/18/05
bullet Who is looking our for the people? Joana Kanuszewski, SN, 11/17/05
bullet Is it safe to live here?, Kathy Miller, MDN, 11/11/05
bullet Looking our for us?, Carol Chisholm, SN, 11/06/05
bullet Concerned about Bill 390, Joel Weiss, MDN, 11/03/05
bullet Dow's dioxin facility label, Kathy Henry, SN, 10/09/05
bullet Dredging disposal site wrong, Terry Miller, SN, 10/09/05
bullet Response to Dows Chorophenol Worker Press Release, David Linhardt, 08/30/05
bullet Dioxin dust in schools, David Linhardt, 08/30/05
bullet Dioxin causes cancer, Richard A. Maltby, SN, 08/29/05
bullet Scrutinize statistics, David Linhardt, SN, 08/28/05
bullet DEQ unfair target of due, Dave Riddick, SN, 08/17/05
bulletDioxin threat is real, Paul Damore, SN, 07/29/05
bulletDr. Shaheen, Dow, and their apologist, Michelle Hurd Riddick, SN, 07/28/05
bulletCity of Midland needs to pull their head out of the sand, Kathy Henry, MDN, 07/26/05
bulletWe need protection, not deception, John Taylor, SN, 07/26/05
bulletEveryone agrees there are elevated levels of dioxin in the T.River floodplain,SN,07/24/05
bulletShaheen's column downplayed dioxin dangers, David Linhardt, SN, 07/17/05
bulletIgnorance is bliss, Samuel Shaheen, SN, 07/10/05
bulletRiver cleanup, Kathy Henry, BCT, 07/01/05
bulletPolitical payback?, Fred Stoll, MDN, 06/30/05
bulletDon't pass the buck, Sandy Lepley, MDN, 06/30/05
bulletWhere did the Saginaw News come up with that negative headline, Jim, 06/24/05
bulletLand deal limited, Carol Chisholm, SN, 06/22/05
bulletThey must clean at least the top 20" of soil, Paul Hanly, MDN, 06/10/05
bulletWhere is Midlands compassion?, Richard Maltby, MDN, 06/07/05
bulletHB4617, Next time hire a bus, Terry Miller, 06/03/05
bulletHB4617, Committee members asked rude and insanely biased questions, Paul Damore, 06/03/05
bulletDioxin Levels, Richard Maltby, SN, 05/19/05
bulletMoolenaar thinks committing fraud is ok to protect property values, Fred Stoll, MDN, 05/19/05
bulletFacility bill bogus and based on Dow Junk Science, Kathy Henry, MDN, 05/18/05
bulletThe pendulum must turn again..., Ward J Hodge, The Review, May 2005.
bulletHiding Dioxin, Paul Damore, Saginaw News, 05/01/05
bulletWould a physician use comparative results to advise a patient?, Richard Maltby, MDN, 04/21/05
bulletAccess to public forums emphasis "dioxin is our friend" articles, David Lindhardt, MDN, 04/17/05
bulletSeeking illumination in a cloudy landscape, Richard Reitz, MDN, 04/17/05
bulletDon't lift the 'facility', Gary Henry, SN, 04/14/05
bulletChemical assault, Sue Cameron, SN, 04/12/05
bulletWhat's the point of removing facility label?, Gary Henry, MDN 04/09/05
bulletInternational Dioxin News-Australia to adapt Michigan's 90 ppt?, Paul Hanly, MDN 04/08/05
bulletWhat are they doing about people with high exposure?, Paul Hanly, MDN, 03/11/05
bulletFramework Fails, Vito Damore, SN, 02/27/05
bulletWho do we trust?, Marti Stimpson, SN, 02/22/05
bulletDioxin mess needs to be cleaned up, Richard Maltby, MDN, 02/20/05
bulletSociety takes action only when gangrene sets in, David Lindhardt, MDN 2/11/05
bulletAwaiting the dioxin diagnosis, SN, 02/13/05
bulletBlood study ongoing, David Garabrant, SN 02/13/05
bulletWHO an extremist organization? Lori Franson,  MDN 01/31/05
bulletHe does not speak for me, Fred Stoll, MDN 01/31/05
bulletMDEQ/Dow dioxin framework unacceptable, John Taylor, 01/20/05
bulletMoolenaar and Stamas actions reprehensible, Lori Franson, MDN, 01/18/05
bulletTime for Midland to think for themselves, Jim Arby, MDN, 01/18/05
bulletMoolenaar and Stamas actions reek of corruption, Lady Mangun, MDN, 01/17/05
bulletMoolenaar and Stamas actions shameful, Fred Stoll, MDN, 01/17/05
bulletMoolenaar and Stamas should be recalled, Kathy Henry, MDN, 01/17/05
bulletPremature diagnosis, David Linhardt, MDN, 01/03/05
bulletCheapest, not safest, Michelle Hurd Riddick, SN, 12/29/04
bulletPoison of choice, Wendy Domino, SN, 12/19/04
bulletDow does indeed pollute Michigan's water, Tracey Esthope, Michigan Daily, 12/9/04
bulletConsider the source, Kathy Henry, SN, 12/06/04
bulletMidland home values affected by dioxin?, Melissa Whitney, MDN, 12/04/05
bulletFamily health should be cornerstone, Richard Maltby, MDN, 11/19/04
bulletDioxin effects not so clear, Neil Varner, SN, 11/18/04
bulletThink about it, Howard Steinmetz, SN, 11/11/04
bulletBehind door negotiations disturbing, John Taylor, 11/07/04
bulletPrivacy key word in dioxin study, David Garabrant, MDN,11/07/04
bulletDow fails to produce scientific evidence of claims, David Linhardt, MDN, 10/30/04
bulletDow wrong, New Zeeland study proves it, Paul Hanly, MDN, 10/17/04
bulletKnown Health Risk, Richard Stimpson, SN, 10/14/04
bulletDow's Motives?, Martha Stimpson, SN, 10/05/04
bulletQuality of Life?, Vito and Betty Damore, SN, 9/23/04
bulletDifferences are healthy, Neill Varner, SN, 9/22/04
bulletDow won't influence study, David Garabrant, SN, 9/19/04
bulletComments from a former Dow worker, MDN, David Linhardt, 9/9/04
bulletDow home sale survery meaningless, MDN, Jack Smiley, 8/15/04
bulletCity Government more concerned about realestate than health, MDN, 8/15/04
bulletGreater Risk, Kathy Henry, SN, 8/13/04
bulletWhy is their no mention of the Stocklom convention?, Paul Hanly, Austraila 8/11/04
bulletDow should purchase contaminated properties, David Garcia, MDN, 7/29/04
bulletDow better off to clean up contamination, Fred Stoll, MDN, 7/29/04
bulletMDEQ Director, Steven Chester, response to Detroit News editorial, 6/28/04
bulletLevel Best, Marsha Woodman,SN, 7/6/04
bulletCommissioners don't speak for this resident, Fred Stoll/Lauren Martin, MDN, 6/30/04
bulletAnother apologist for Dow, Michelle Hurd Riddick, 6/24/04
bulletStudy after study, Rochelle Miller, SN, 6/21/04
bulletRoger Kahn sold out, Kathy Henry, SN, 6/13/04
bulletLegislative blackmail, Kathy Henry, MDN 6/10/04
bulletDow special treatment, Fred Stoll, MDN   6/8/04
bulletDisillusioned, John Taylor, Saginaw News, 6/8/04
bulletThreatening DEQ is an embarrassment to citizens of Midland, Lauren Martin, MDN 6/8/04
bulletProponents of Midlands "Sound Science" endanger children, David Linhardt, MDN 6/6/04
bulletMidland cancer studies flawed, David Linhardt, MDN 05/30/04
bulletClean up Midland, Kathy Henry, MDN 05/27/04
bulletFault lies at Dow's door step, not MDEQ's, Ryan Bodanyi, MDN 05/27/04
bulletTomion hopes to wheel and deal problem away, Fred Stoll, MDN 05/27/04
bulletMidland dioxin experts: Don't risk lives and health, Fred Stoll MDN 05/24/04
bulletHell frozen over, Melissa Whitney, Midland Daily News editorial, 05/19/04
bulletMDEQ attacked & needs your support, Gary Henry, TRW post 05/08/04
bullet6 reader opinions to Midland Daily News article "City won't let MDEQ take samples" 4/29/04
bulletDioxin threats real, John Taylor, Saginaw News, 042304
bulletGarabrant's not listening, Gary Henry, TRW post 4/21/04
bulletDifferent Tune, Ward Hodge, Saginaw News, 04/21/04
bulletRelative Value, J.Brassuer, Saginaw News, 04/21/04
bulletProtecting our interests, Kathy Henry, Saginaw News, 04/07/04
bulletCommendations, Neil Varner M.D., Saginaw News, 04/07/04
bulletRiver is better, William Cox, Saginaw News, 04/07/04
bulletHistory says Dow skirts problem, Michelle Hurd Riddick, Sagainw News, 03/22/04
bulletDredge the river now, John Taylor, 03/22/04
bulletExpect to die before restitution, Michael Johnson, Midland Daily News 2/28/04
bulletSuspecting and knowing about pollution are two different things, Dale Brandt, MDN 2/28/04
bulletExtension granted for Dow dioxin plan, Karen Morgan Rather, Midland Daily News 1/29/04
bulletAccountability, Carol Chisholm, Saginaw News 12/18/03
bulletNo quick fix, William Cox, Saginaw News 12/14/03
bulletDow frustrating river residents, Tom Keidal, MIdland Daily News 12/10/03
bulletDow dioxin plan deficient, Saginaw News Editor 12/10/03
bulletWho do you beleive, Dow or the MDEQ?, Saginaw News, Kathy Henry 12/7/03
bulletLong term effects of toxins, Midland Daily News, Barbara Fitzmaurice 11/8/03
bulletTRW response to Dow's allegation we are shutting down dialog, TRW,Gary Henry 11/8/03
bulletWhat you say can and will be held against you, TRW, Gary Henry 11/6/03
bulletDioxin dust-up, Richard Stimpson, Saginaw News editorial 10/26/03
bulletAwesome resources now contaminated, Dave O'Dell, Saginaw News editorial 10/26/03
bulletAct on dioxin, Val Groening, Sagianw News editorial 10/23/03
bulletDow's Midland SOW proposal business as usual, Diane Hebert 10/25/03
bulletDow's mixed message creates confusion, Midland Daily News editorial 10/5/03
bulletResponse to MDN Dow Asked to Do More article, Fred Stoll 9/10/03
bulletResponse to MDN Dow Asked to Do More article, Michael Johnson 9/10/03
bulletResponse to MDN Dow Asked to Do More article, Michelle Hurd Riddick 9/10/03
bulletDioxin Resolution, Saginaw County Leauge of Women Voters, Maureen Corser  9/4/03
bulletDow Nerve, Pat W 082503.
bulletA word of caution: A "Health Study" is not being conducted this summer, Gary Henry  06/27/03
bulletSpeech to Dow shareholders a annual meeting, Betty Damore 05/8/03
bulletSpeech never delivered to Dow shareholders, Robert Cowling 05/8/03
bulletHealth study not the answer, Tracey Easthope 04/30/03
bulletBarriers to a credible health study, Diane Hebert 04/9/03
bulletResponse to County Commissioner Status Update, Michelle Hurd Riddick 3/10/03
bulletCurrent status, Roger Kahn County Commissioner 3/6/03
bulletToxic parks and school athletics, Email to Dr. Niederhauser, Greg Whitney 3/3/03
bulletWhat's going on? Email to Dr Niederhauser, County Health Dept.  Kathy Henry 3/2/03
bullet2 Million dollar grant, John Taylor 2/28/03
bulletDeadly Serious  John Taylor 2/20/03
bulletThank you Michelle 1/18/03
bulletDow Myth: 1 ppb dioxin is safe 1/15/03
bulletMidland Daily News editorial rebuttal 12/18/02
bulletMichigan DEQ and Dow  John Taylor 12/7/02  
bulletThe Deadly D's: Dow, DEQ, and Dioxin   Michelle Hurd Riddick 12/2/02    
bulletMDEQ / Dow Deal?   Kathy Henry 11/15/02

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