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The Hebert Chronicles

Diane Hebert  has spent over 25 years raising public awareness about the hazards of dioxin contamination and battling pollution issues, many of which are linked to the Dow Chemical Company.  In 2003 she received the Petoskey Prize for Environmental LeadershipBelow are items of interest that Diane has shared with others over the years.  

Diane has been a resident of the City of Midland since 1977 and witnessed first hand the endless delays and cover-ups by Dow Chemical and various City, State and Federal agencies to avoid public understanding of the dioxin contamination in their bodies, homes, properties, and watershed.  She notes the same misinformation and delay tactics used by Dow to suppress contamination issues in Midland during the the 1970's, 80's & 90's are being repeated today with the Dow dioxin contamination the City of Midland, Tittabawassee River floodplain, and Saginaw River/Bay watershed.  Especially troublesome are the reports of elevated cancers and birth defects in Midland back as far as the 1970's. 

bulletBirth Defects
bulletA snapshot of birth defects in Midland County, 1995
bulletHistorical Background on Midland County Birth Defects, 1965-2003
bulletEpidemiologist calls for birth defect study, 1983
bulletBirth Defect Rate Appears Higher here, 1976
bulletAccumulated risks from dioxin in Midland residents reached unacceptable levels, 1985
bulletHealth Studies
bulletHealth studies in Midland Michigan, 1985
bulletDioxin Sources
bulletOngoing, previously unidentified dioxin source from the Dow site?, 2002
bulletPublic comments on Dow injection wells, cancer in residents, dioxin sludge on crops, 2002.
bulletTop EPA dioxin expert resigns, Midlanders never fully informed of risks, 1985
bulletEnvironmental information and recommendations withheld from public, 1983
bulletRisk evaluation of data collected ruing EPA's field study of Midland Michigan, 1980's

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