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Risk Characterization of Dioxins


This page is the entry point to EPA's Dr. Birnbaum's slide presentation on the Risk Characterization
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The slide show table of contents is listed below

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You might want to start with another Dr. Birnbaum presentation, "Dioxin, are we at risk".  This is an audio presentation and presents background information that will make the presentation below easier to understand.    click here

Table of Contents

Risk Characterization of Dioxins

PPT Slide

“The Most Toxic Man-Made Compound”

TCDD Is Never Found Alone


“PCBs” 209 Possible Congeners Small Subset Are “Dioxin-Like” Majority Have Own, Inherent, Toxicities Multiple, Overlapping, Structural Classes Can Interact, Additively, Synergistically, and/or Antagonistically With Dioxins and With Other PCB Congeners

3 Regulatory Approaches

Toxic Equivalency Factors (TEFs)

Criteria For Inclusion in Dioxin-Like TEF Scheme

WHO Toxic Equivalance Factors

Major Sources of PCDDs / PCDFs Today

Newly Identified Sources

Environmental Distribution

PPT Slide

Human Exposure

Key Findings of the Reassessment Exposure Document

Key Findings of the Reassessment Exposure Document (con.)

Dioxin Exposure Variability

Dioxin Exposure Trends

Adverse Effects on Wildlife and Domestic Animals

Adverse Effects in Laboratory Animals

Biochemical Effects of Dioxins

Toxic Effects of Dioxins

Functional Developmental Toxicity

Dioxins Perturb Every Hormone System Investigated

Effects of Dioxins

PPT Slide

Evolutionary Conservation of AhR

PAS Proteins

Ah Receptor

Dioxin Pharmacokinetics

Nearly All Vertebrate Animals Examined Respond to Dioxin

Recent Findings of Dioxins’ Effects in People



Enzyme Induction

Altered EGF Receptor

Altered Glucose Metabolism

Immune System

Hormonal Effects

Developmental / Reproductive Effects

Developmental Neurotoxicity


Dose/Response Modeling

Body Burdens Associated with Effects

Non-Cancer Effects

PPT Slide

All Cancer ED01 and Slope Factor Calculations from Published Studies

Cancer Effects (Animals & Humans)

Integrating Exposure and Effects

Key Findings of the Reassessment Risk Characterization


EPA’s Dioxin Reassessment

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