Lone Tree Council and TRW Dioxin Update

June 19, 2005 #46


Dioxin in the Saginaw Bay Watershed series

Just a reminder that our next event will take place this Wednesday June 22nd at 6:30 pm in the Lecture Theatre of Delta College. Jim Hahnenberg of Region V EPA is in charge of the PCB cleanup in the Fox River and Green Bay of Wisconsin.

While we acknowledge the road to cleaning up our rivers is not around the corner it’s imperative to begin having conversations about viable options for the future. The Tittabawassee River continues to be a source of dioxin to the Saginaw River and Bay of Lake Huron. Sampling by DEQ, EPA, US Army Corp of Engineers and Dow Chemical all demonstrate without a doubt that dioxin is present in high concentrations in both rivers. There is no debate on the toxicity or pervasiveness of Dow’s dioxin. Our goals are edible fish, swimmable waters, healthy communities and safe game. Attaining these lofty goals is well into the future but we invite you to engage in the debate and dialogue of how we arrive at a healthy Saginaw Bay Watershed.

Below is a link to a study done on the economic impacts of an impaired watershed, Waukegan Harbor, Wisconsin, and the power point presentation given to the Waukegan community in September of 2003.



Would be most illustrative for an entity to do a study ( there are so many what's one more) that would define the economic losses and costs associated with the environmental impairment in our Saginaw Bay Watershed.

Dare to dream and never deny that we can have a safe healthy watershed for future generations. Be part of the solution by taking part in the debate and dialogue, by demanding accountability from government and Dow Chemical and by taking ownership of these natural resources. Please come this Wednesday and take part in this important conversation.

DOW DEQ Community Meetings and more of the same

The DEQ and Dow Chemical Public Involvement Process that was produced as a result of last years closed door negotiated Framework has been sent out to the public. This plan lays out a proposal for how Dow and DEQ will involve the public in the dioxin contamination of the Saginaw Bay Watershed. AGAIN! Five years since the State learned about this contamination, two administrations later and two years since Dow signed their corrective action license and Dow and DEQ are still talking about public participation. This is the third plan for public participation since Jan. 2002. Seems to be the only part of the Dow license the two can agree upon. Seems ironic that in the same week that it's revealed that Dow, in violation of their license was secretly doing testing, that the DEQ is trying so hard to build trust with all parties. News flash, I think you can trust the public........it's Dow that seems to be the problem. If you are interested in reading DEQ/Dow's plan in its entirety please go to www.trwnews.net and click on Current News.

Hope to see you Wednesday night!

Best Regards,

Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council

Source: Lone Tree Council / TRW

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