Lone Tree Council and TRW

Dioxin Update # 9

June 2004

Next meeting of the TRW is Monday June 28th Thomas Twp Library 6:30 PM



Recently, Senator Stamas and Representative Moolenaar announced plans to introduce legislation to weaken the state's residential dioxin cleanup standard to 1,000 ppt. They are basing that number on outdated science that doesn't reflect the current science of dioxin's toxicity. This is an outrageous attempt to relieve Dow of liability for their dioxin contamination in mid-Michigan, and it threatens the health of all Michigan residents and the health of the Great Lakes in the bargain. Yestrday these legistlators kicked it up a notch and introduced legislation which would:

These legislators and friends of the chemical industry are attempting to behead the DEQ. Moolenar, Goschka and Stamas and their friends are doing Dow's bidding. This latest gambit is a threat to efforts to protect public health and the great resources of our state. This latest effort is in retaliation for the DEQ DOING THEIR JOB AND FOLLOWING THE LAW OF THE STATE. If chemical corporations can cut the DEQ budget simply because they are made to abide by the environmental laws in the state, all of our environmental programs, lakes, rivers streams and parks are at risk.

Political maneuvering on behalf of Dow Chemical is not acceptable. The priority in our state must be science-based public health protections. Notice how active these legislators have become? How silent they were when Russ Harding was doing Dow's bidding................nothing short of hypocritical!

Please call, fax or e-mail the governor today.

Insist that DEQ be allowed to do their job and protect people's health

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
PHONE (517) 373-3400
FAX (517) 335-6863

debeld@michigan.gov ( governor's environmental advisor)

Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council


Source: www.trwnews.net

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