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June 3, 2005 #45


Dow dioxin tests upset state

It's an issue of trust, government scientists say

June 3, 2005 BY HUGH McDIARMID JR.

Dow Chemical Co. conducted secret dioxin studies in violation of their operating license, say state and federal regulators -- a blow to trust between the company and officials negotiating Dow's plan to clean up the pollutant.


Let me beat this dead horse one more time: Dow is a partner in a legal binding contract with the DEQ ( essentially the people of the state of MI) in the form of their corrective action license. Yes, Dow is suppose to investigate and characterize the contamination BUT in accordance with a DEQ approved work plan as required by the license.

Most disturbing is that Dow was out and about collecting data after telling the state they were not AND they were doing it while in closed door negotiations with the Lt. Governor and DEQ management. Dow was not negotiating in good faith or as a responsible corporation. It's reasonable to speculate the reason the Framework took so long is that Dow was trying to gather as much data as possible before agreeing to anything with the state.


Dow's Mr. Musser artfully dodges the real issue. News accounts of Dow's excuses range from " Weather conditions", "DEQ knew about it" and " Wanting to move forward". Dow lied and they got caught. Attempts to spin the issue does nothing for Dow's credibility.

Dow has demonstrated time and again that they will delay at all costs, manipulate data, withhold data and mislead to protect corporate interests. This is unacceptable unless you believe that Dow is above the law, above being responsible or should be given a free pass because of their economic presence, philanthropy and political clout.

We need a clean, healthy and vibrant watershed with fishable, swimmable rivers............Dow is working against these goals with their incessant disregard for the law and the truth.

DEQ has placed Dow's data on their web site.



Midland Daily News May 25th 2005 It was called a public hearing, but opportunity for comment on State Rep. John Moolenaar's proposed "Homeowner Fairness Act" was granted only to supporters.
Bill No. 4617 has been introduced in both the House and Senate and would change the state law that labels contaminated properties "facilities." If passed, the new law would remove the label from properties that are assumed to be contaminated but haven't actually been tested.


In a previous MDN article Rep. Moolenaar stated that residents along the river would be given the chance to speak ahead of " special interest groups". Indeed he made sure the supporters of HB 4617 were allowed to speak including the "special interest" voice of the Home Builders Association and Midland Tomorrow. Yet Betty Damore, a floodplain resident was not permitted to speak in opposition to this legislation. As a rule the committee chair alternates between those supporting and those opposing a piece of legislation before the committee. Not this time.

DEQ's Analysis of this bill is on the TRW web site as are comments from Terry Miller and Paul Damore who were not permitted to speak in opposition to this bill. This legislation does nothing to advance public health or natural resource protection, it keeps prospective buyers of contaminated property in the dark, hinders cleanup, creates delays and would increase the cost of cleanup.


Fish Advisory -Soil Advisory- Game Consumption Advisory signs are on the way

This really is good news. Public health protection measures in the form of advisory-educational signs will be posted in the near future along the Tittabawassee and Saginaw Rivers. Kudos to MDEQ and MDCH for all their hard work! We now need a vision and commitment from the state and our community leaders to work toward the day when these signs are no longer needed.


If you want a Dow Clean Up Your Dioxin Now sign let me know. Several people have had their signs stolen in the night so keep them closer to the house. Thanks to those of you who recently took signs.

Summer is here, head out to the Rail Trail, Shiawasse Wildlife Refuge or anywhere in Mid-Michigan. It's a great place to call home.



Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council

Source: Lone Tree Council / TRW

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