Lone Tree Council & TRW
Dioxin Update
February 3 2003

Next Meeting is Monday, February 17th- 6pm at GreenPoint Nature Center on Maple off W. Michigan

Please plan on attending!!!!
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How Irresponsible can Dow Get?

On Jan. 28th Diane Hebert, Michelle Hurd Riddick, Lone Tree Council, Andy Hogarth, DEQ were invited to be part of a televised panel on the local PBS show, Currently Speaking. We were on with John Phillips and Dr. Carson of Dow Chemical along with Drummond Black, Mayor of Midland. The obvious topic- dioxin. Dr Carson stated that dioxin, unless you eat it poses no known health problems. This is nothing short of misleading and Dow should be ashamed of the themselves to say the least. Inhalation of dust, ingestion via game animals and hand to mouth activity of children are exposure pathways of paramount concern. Mr. Phillips went even further with claims that the dioxin was of a PCB nature and perhaps from a source other than Dow. Andy Hogarth from DEQ assured the audience the source was likely Dow and that the dioxin were not PCB like compounds. Mr. Phillips also objected to references of any "sweetheart deal" with DEQ. OK, so it was corporate influence peddling..............cry me a river, a clean river Mr. Phillips.

A New Day for the People

Lone Tree Council, members of the TRW and petitioners went to Lansing for a meeting with DEQ administration including the new Director, Stephen Chester. We talked at great lengths about public participation and what we wanted. We were told this would now be an open and transparent process, including a level playing field and access to information and input on the process. Several DEQ employees apologized for how we were treated in the previous administration. Funny thing is the vast majority of these folks at the state recognize they work for us. I got a feeling they are going to work hard to gain our trust. Our hope is that we will be seeing greater emphasis on education, interim measures to protect the public health and a compilation of the comments on the Health Consultations. The process needs to move forward using the ATSDR/MDCH Health Consultations as a guideline. Hopes are high for a phase three testing which would include residential property.

Public Comment Period Extended

Back in November and December we asked for an extension of the public comment period on the Dow License. To no ones surprise this request was denied. As a good faith gesture, the new DEQ administration has granted a 30 day extension to comment on the license. You can access the license at the TRW website and forward your comments to HoweC@michigan.gov. Please tell them to include the Tittabawassee River and Floodplain in License as an area Dow must cleanup.

Dow Letters in the Mail

Don't ya just love it. Dow spent the last dozen years or so trying everything possible to avoid responsibly for their actions and their contamination of a watershed. Never once did they care what the public had to say.................not until now. Since losing their illegal and fatally flawed consent order as well as their puppets, Harding and Nash, Dow is in a bit of panic. You see they know the new administration in Lansing is going to level the playing field, something foreign to Dow. In what would appear to be a mass mailing, Dow is now asking for residents opinion on how to best proceed with the contamination of people's yards, parks and community. It's so very transparent and pathetic. Think about the past year;

This is what Dow's influence did

Dow with the help of DEQ Administration stopped all sampling
Dow with the help of DEQ Administration stopped all fingerprinting
Dow with the help of DEQ Administration tried to go from 90ppt to 831
Dow sat back silently while MDCH toxicology staff were muzzled
Dow avoided open scrutiny and discourse about their paid for science
Dow's Health Study brought the MDCH process to a halt
Dow got the state to push their agenda their Health Study and silence the public

Dow has not brought us great things and there is no reason to believe they will in the near future.

See you Monday night at GreenPoint;

Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council

John Taylor
Tittabawassee River Watch