Lone Tree Council and TRW

Dioxin Update # 5

April 2004

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Dow Chemical: Risk for Investors


NEW YORK, April 21------ Innovest Strategic Value Advisors
Inc., the global leader in analyzing "non-traditional" drivers of
investment risk and out-performance and higher corporate social
responsibility standards announces the release of "Dow Chemical: Risks
for Investors".

The report details the significant unreported, or underreported
environmental risks facing the company. The report was released at a
breakfast launch event at the Harvard Club in Midtown Manhattan today, April
21st, (8:30-10:30) and is now available online at
www.innovestgroup.com. The launch included a presentation by the
author, Innovest Senior Analyst Marc Brammer and a panel of experts to
answer questions afterward including Heather Langsner, lead Innovest
Analyst for the chemical sector, Biologist Dr. Joe Thornton, Lauren
Compere Chief Administrative Officer Boston Common Asset Management,
LLC, and Sanford Lewis, the lead attorney filing the Bhopal Resolution
for Dow's 2004 Proxy Statement.

Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, winner of the Globe 2004 Capital
Markets Award, is an internationally recognized, independent investment
research firm specializing in analyzing "non-traditional" sources of
investment risk and out-performance. This report is the most recent of
Innovest's extensive work in the chemical sector.


The Long Shadow On DVD  

Part of Delta College Earth Day Activites

Introduction by Terry Miller, Lone Tree Council




The Long Shadow details the dioxin controversy in the Tittabawassee River and the City of Midland starting in  2002, from public notification by agency whistleblowers in January to the failed bailout in December.  The story highlights the plight of three floodplain families concerned about their health, their property values, and how Dow Chemical and the government  acted against them.  The story is told through contemporary videography, historical photos, and interviews with floodplain residents, environmental advocates, key government officials, and state lawmakers.   The Long Shadow exemplifies the need for citizens to be fully engaged in the democratic process, and the danger in assuming that government officials are always acting in the best interest of the public they are charged to serve and protect. 

Stephen Meador created the Long Shadow for his Master's thesis at MSU.  Stephen Meador is a freelance journalist working in print, radio, and film.   His stories focus on history, science, and the environment.  Before becoming a journalist, Steve was a Lieutenant in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationís (NOAA) Commissioned Officer Corps.  He has a bachelorís degree in mechanical engineering and a masterís degree in environmental engineering, and studied journalism for two years as a graduate student at Michigan State University.  Steve lives in Wilmington, North Carolina with his soul mate Kate and their two dogs.

For additional articles like this one, go to the Tittabawasse River Watch web site www.trwnews.net for complete coverage of the Tittabawassee River Dow Chemical dioxin contamination saga. . The Newspaper / Media page of our site contains an extensive archive of media articles dating back to January 2002. The source organization's web site link is listed to the right of the article, visit often for other news in our area. The Newspaper / Media page may be accessed by scrolling down to the bottom of the CONTENTS section and clicking on the Newspaper/Media link.