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Dioxin Update
November 7, 2006 # 53
DEQ Community Meeting this Wednesday November 9th 6:30 pm at Horizon's Conference Center
The Community Meeting agenda and supporting materials are available on-line at: 


Please share this notice with others who might be interested in attending this meeting. 
 Link to information on  Natural Resource Damage Assessment ( NRD)
On the agenda for the meeting this Wednesday is the NRD for the Saginaw River and Bay. Below is a link to explain this very convoluted process. How this process plays out is going to be critical to the recovery of the river and bay and the subsequent public health and economic benefits commensurate with that recovery. 
Saginaw County Board of Commissioners Resolution Supporting  HB 4617
Go to the TRW web site www.trwnews.net and click on current news. The minutes from the board meeting are present. You need to scroll to the bottom. In the resolution supported by the board, the commissioners state they see no public health benefit from the labeling of these properties as facilities . Three reasons for their not seeing the benefit:
 1. they don't understand the law 2. public health plays second fiddle to special interests 3. a combination of both
A primer: 
dioxin >90ppt = facility  
facility + the law = cleanup
cleanup = public health benefit  
No public health benefit? The law was designed to protect public health. Dismantle the law for the Chamber of Commerce, Homebuilders, Real Estate interests and Dow Chemical and your political future may depend on you not understanding.
James Twp., likely has more properties in the floodplain of the Tittabawassee river than any other community. Jerry Wieneke, James Twp supervisor sent a letter to the board objecting to this legislation and has subsequently sent a letter to the senate. Jerry is to be commended for his commitment to the health and safety of his residents and taking time to understand the implications HB 4617 will have on properties and families in his twp.
More real  soon on this legislation as it snakes its way through the senate...................
International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health
From Tracey Easthope MPH Ecology Center Ann Arbor
This month's issue of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health has an entire issue devoted to
"corporate corruption of science' with case studies illustrating the point.  This follows on the American Journal of Public Health devoting an issue to some similar concerns.  Michigan industries are implicated in the case studies.

Note that this is a free full text online journal. See table of contents below.
To access the journal:  http://www.ijoeh.com/

This is from the online introduction:

"Although occupational and environmental diseases are often viewed as isolated and unique failures of science, the government, or industry to protect the best interest of the public, they are in fact an outcome of a pervasive system of corporate priority setting, decision making, and influence. This system produces disease because political, economic, regulatory and ideological norms prioritize values of wealth and profit over human health and environmental well-being. Science is a key part of this system; there is a substantial tradition of manipulation of evidence, data, and analysis, ultimately designed to maintain favorable conditions for industry at both material and ideological levels. This issue offers examples of how corporations influence science, shows the effects that influence has on environmental and occupational health, and provides evidence of a systemic problem."
I encourage everyone to take time to read this.
Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council

Source: Lone Tree Council / TRW

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