Dioxin Update

TRW- Lone Tree Council

September 10, 2003

www.trwnews.net for everything you want to know about the contamination of your back yard


Green Point Nature Center

Summer is fading fast and September is upon us like Dow's dioxin upon the floodplain. Note the time change for the TRW-Lone Tree meeting is now at 7pm at GreenPoint Nature Center.


Linda Birnbaum video presentation on dioxin. Dr. Birnbaum, a research Ph.D. at EPA, is a leading expert on the health effects of dioxin. This video presentation is short but very informative.

Saginaw River Dioxin

Update on the Community Advisory Panel and Scope of Work

Future Meeting Schedule- bring your suggestions. Some have said with TRW's website and Internet access we may not need to meet or only meet quarterly. open to any all suggestions.

Other issues?


Lone Tree Council released initial comments on the Dow Chemical Scope of Work for the floodplain. The comments are posted on the website www.trwnews.net. Please feel free to share them with any and all.

Look forward to seeing you Monday night. That includes those of you we have not seen in a while and those we only know via e-mail.