Dioxin Update
TRW and Lone Tree Council
May 12 2003

Next Meeting is this Monday May 19 at 6pm at GreenPoint

Dow Stockholder Meeting

Betty Damore who lives on Stroebel Rd in the T-River Floodplain addressed the Dow CEO, Board and Stockholders on Thursday, May 8th. Calling on Dow to be responsible for their pollution, Betty's stellar presentation highlighted Dow's spin, evasion and attempts to mitigate dioxins impact on human health as she called on them to be responsible for their actions.

Dow Shareholder's Resolution Passed

Sponsored by Trillium Assets of Boston MA., the resolution called on Dow Chemical to inform shareholders of Dow's liabilities with regard to their dioxin contamination much like Dow did their asbestos contamination. Special thanks to Tracey Easthope of the Ecology Center for all the hard work she did working with Trillium.
Sanford Lewis, the attorney who defended the shareholder resolution at the SEC against a company challenge, said," Dow is at risk of becoming the Enron of the environment." You can find the Trillium Press Release at the TRW website.

Soil Testing Stroeble Road

Have heard nothing as of this update.

DEQ Budget Disaster

The Michigan House will be voting on DEQ budget proposed by the appropriations committee. In a hearing last week DEQ Director, Steven Chester and Appropriations chair, John Pastor( R-Livonia) clashed. Appropriations won out with a proposed DEQ budget five time more lean than proposed by Governor Granholm. As you know, laws on the books mean little without enforcement. Under the proposed budget enforcement will see a 15% cut. Corporations in Michigan have to be jumping for joy and this includes our friends at Dow. Pastor also opposes the state charging companies for polluting our rivers and streams. The following is a limited list of what the proposed DEQ budget will do:

The cuts will result in losses of over $15 million dollars in available grant money, including money for drinking water system and sewer upgrades, non-point source water pollution, and radon detection.

Will be considered a bait-and-switch by the taxpayers who voted to approve one billion dollars for sewer upgrades, only to have the legislature cut general fund support for the program - and fail to match federal funds they are matched $4 federal money for each $1 dollar the state places in the fund.

Does no favors for businesses that will return to the days of long permit backlogs - making it harder for Michigan to attract investment.

May result in certain programs, such as the NPDES (water discharge) program having to be taken over by the EPA due to the state's failure to operate a credible program.

Cuts to the hazardous waste and solid waste program that will reduce the inspection of waste generated within the state, and from outside our borders.

Cuts the air toxic monitoring program - including monitoring for mercury and dioxin - goes back on promises made to businesses that support the other costs in this division through the payment of $10 million dollars in user fees.

Cuts public's access to information on the Internet. (outrageous!!!)

Continues the policy of free permits to discharges of water pollution
into our Great Lakes.

As much as any budget in the state, the DEQ budget, defines whether our state's water resources are really a valued asset. DEQ's budget reflects government's commitment to the quality of our air and water which is ultimately about your health. This proposed budget is not promising for our dioxin contamination. Will update you on this issue soon including how our legislators voted.

Dow Spin

Dow continues pushing their health study as the panacea to dioxin contamination. Dow's CEO pulled out the health study in response to Betty's comments at the stockholders meeting. No doubt they are getting ready for a major PR blitz after hiring some big name consultants and aligning new PR people to take on the issue. Enough to make your head spin which would be better then Dow spinning their lies.

Dow License

Rumor has it the Dow license will be ready sometime in early June. The big question is whether Dow will contest the license.

Community Advisory Panel

The DEQ is still discussing internally what the next steps are with regard to the CAP. A follow up letter was sent once again insisting that DEQ take the lead and bring all the stakeholders to the table.

Special Thanks to Dr. Joe Aquilina

Dr. A attended our last TRW meeting and gave us information on local tumor registries. He spoke briefly about the high incidents of prostate cancer in this area and the correlation to environmental factors. Hope to get to those registries some time in the next month.

See ya Monday,

MIchelle Hurd Riddick