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Lone Tree Council and TRW

May 6, 2007 #91
Saginaw News Earth Day Stories on the Lone Tree Council
A Lone Tree for vigilance
Nearly three decades ago, Terry R. Miller listened to warnings about radioactive releases and isotope counts and worried whether that might someday threaten those who lived near a nuclear power plant under construction in Midland.
Group won't back down from Dow
With a $1,500 budget, two vocal leaders as its public face and a membership of 100, the Lone Tree Council hasn't blinked in a dioxin contamination fight with a global chemical giant that employs thousands and earned a $3.7 billion profit last year.
Legend of the Lone Tree
The Lone Tree Council's name arises from an American Indian legend about an ash tree standing alone in a Bay County prairie.
 We really need to thank the Saginaw News. As a result of these stories Lone Tree Council has been the most grateful recipient of new memberships and numerous  inquiries on how to join. We are delighted  that so many people are paying attention. Terry Miller and I have both been approached on the streets/in public and thanked for the grass roots vigilance. Below please find an membership form for the Lone Tree Council. Cut it out and mail to our PO Box.




Lone Tree Council Membership


Student/Senior $5.00                Sustaining $ 50.00


Regular $10.00                         Lifetime $200.00






City____________    State________     Zip _____________


E-mail _____________________    Phone______________


       Lone Tree Council P.O. Box 1251 Bay City MI 48706 


       For information call : 989-686-6386    


Membership includes the Leaf-Let News letter and you  lending your important voice to protecting Michigan’s largest Watershed!………..Thank you.   


We do not and will not share your information

Yes, after all these years and with support and commitment of Lone Tree's Pat Race of Bay City, we now have our very own web site. The site is under construction and we will be loading it with links, information and watershed specific content over the next few weeks. We are open to suggestions so give us shout!
HENRY et al vs. Dow Chemical
To be heard tomorrow morning in Detroit before the Michigan Court of Appeals. Stay tuned to the Tittabawassee River Watch web site for your most immediate update.
Lone Tree Council vs Army Corp of Engineers
Final arguments were made before Judge Lawson on Friday April 27 th in Bay City Federal Court. Judge Lawson stated he would render a decision in two to three weeks. It remains our position that the drive by assessment done by the Corp of Engineers is not sufficient to contain dioxin laden sediments in the flood plain of the river, next to people's homes and a wildlife refuge.
Recently in the Saginaw News, Mr. Koski, again stated his absolute confidence in the dredge site construction and engineering. Again, I would tell you to go to the www.dredgeitright.org web site and read Mr. Koski's deposition and determine for yourself if he know enough about this project to be so confident.
Good News from the DEQ Dow Quarterly Meeting
Plans are under way for additional removal of sediments after identification of additional hot spots of dioxin in the Tittabawassee River were found.


 "We're happy to see that they're cleaning up the river," said Shirley Salas, a riverside resident and co-founder of Tittabawassee River Voice, a traditionally anti-DEQ regulation group. "It's always good to get things cleaned up."

    The founder of Bay City-based environmental activist group Lone Tree Council, Terry Miller, called the plan "excellent."

Best Regards,
Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council

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Source: Lone Tree Council / TRW

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