Lone Tree Council &TRW Update

October 17th 2003

Next Meeting at 7pm Monday, October 20th GreenPoint Nature Center

www.trwnews.net Your best source for information on Dow's dioxin contamination of an entire watershed.

TRW has added an online forum for discussion and debate of the issue. Please go to the website and check it out!

Diane Hebert won the Michigan Environmental Council's Petoskey Prize for Environmental Leadership for her tireless and selfless effort to hold Dow Chemical accountable for their dioxin contamination of Midland. Diane's fight is 25 years in the making and counting. This years special guest to the MEC award banquet are Governor William Milliken and his lovely wife, Helen. Congratulations to Diane for an honor so well deserved! www.mecprotects.org

Dow Presentation at Swan Valley HS Scripted, formatted and repetition of the same mantra over and over......... Dow presented their Scope of Work Plan and expressed their desire to work with the community and get input from residents. Well, they got input all right. Most residents went to the mike, admonished Dow for their contamination and told them to clean it up. This isn't what Dow wanted to hear so in the next days paper Dow attacks the messengers because they (Dow) didn't like the message. Sue Carrington, from Dow, admonished residents for the use of profanity. ( BS was said twice) I dare say there is nothing more profane or obscene than Dow's dioxin contamination and subsequent efforts to avoid responsibility. For those of you not in attendance, Dow was very selective about what questions they answered and when they did they offered few specifics. Most of the time they hid behind the commentary of Jim Sygo of DEQ who moderated the night's presentation. Dow did present their MSU eco-study at this meeting and most in the audience thought it was an approved part of their work plan. Not true, doesn't follow EPA guidelines and DEQ rejected it twice. Yet, it played well to an unsuspecting audience and Dow's public relations people could spin it time and again. Remember, Dow, though required to solicit public input, also has legal and statutory obligations to meet under the license to protect public health. The requirement for public solicitation just provides Dow with a venue to apply some of the best public relations money can buy.

Community Advisory Panel Heard first hand Dr. Galbraith's poignant presentation on the aquatic study of the T-River floodplain. "All organisms we looked at were exceeding safe levels," said Dr. Galbraith. I must tell you it almost hurt your ears it was so painful. Dow's dioxin is pervasive and it is penetrating all living things, including the Merganser and Wooduck eggs at 600 and 200 times higher respectively. Think it's moving up the food chain? No doubt in my mind. Of course Dow is skeptical of the findings but what else would they say? I'm sorry for contaminating resources that belong to the people. DEQ is confidant it is moving up the food chain, Dow's job is to demonstrate how pervasive that movement is..........Instead Dow postures publicly as though the issue of exposure is still open for debate.

Dow Scope of Work required under their license was to identify what actions Dow would take to keep people from being exposed to dioxin and what long term remedial actions were intended to clean up this mess. Dow has had months to prepare this work plan but will likely receive a notice of deficiency from the state for not doing it right! Midland Michigan has more Ph.D's per capita than any city in the US, Dow tells us they have world class scientists and we know they have a small army of lawyers well versed in regulatory affairs............................and they still submit a plan that does not meet the requirements of the license!!!Nothing short of deliberate on Dow's part to continue buying time. So the DEQ will continue to lead Dow by the hand until they do it right. Lone Tree's comments to DEQ suggest one more chance then the state needs to take the work plan and do for Dow.

Court date December 18th to determine class actions status. Please continue to go to TRW's website for updates on the lawsuit. Judge Borrello has set aside Oct 28th for a full vetting of issues from both sides.

The American People's Dioxin Report (Technical Support Document) Click Here or go the the CHEJ web site below for more info:


See you Monday at Green Point Nature Center.

Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council