Dioxin Update
Lone Tree Council and TRW

January 24 th , 2008 #112



 DEQ and EPA working together 



The link below will take you to a letter from DEQ Director Steve Chester to Region V EPA’s administrator, Mary Gade, summarizing the content of their January meeting and mutual commitment to work together to address the dioxin contamination and its resolution here in our watershed. The resources and expertise which these agencies bring to this issue is nothing short of great news.






Freedom of Information


Documents obtained under FOIA are going up on the TRW web site. Many are there already- others will be added in the coming week. Go to the left hand column, scroll down to FOIA documents and click to find the documents.




New York Times circa 1983 Dow memo-anxiety over dioxin in 1965  


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 New Your Times article published in 1983 discussing 1965 memos about Dow's efforts to keep secret the toxicity of dioxin. Intriguing how much time, money and effort this company has put into controlling the dioxin message for 43 years.   


 SNIP: Shortly after the meeting, in Midland, Mich., on March 24, 1965, one of those attending wrote in  a memorandum that Dow did not want its findings about dioxin made public because the situation might ''explode'' and generate a new wave of government regulation for the chemical industry






Fearless Accountability -a Statement from Dow’s CEO  



 "Sustainability begins at home, but its destiny is to engage the problems of the world. We will build on our company's rich legacy of leadership in solving the world's most pressing problems with a spirit of fearless accountability, not just for our own footprint on the planet, but the collective footprint we make as part of the human family." —Andrew Liveris, CEO Dow Corporation



There is nothing fearless let alone accountable about Dow’s relentless efforts to push the cleanup of their colossal dioxin footprint behind closed doors. That 52 miles of river and  thousands of acres foot print is not to be taken lightly- the collective footprint is impacting the human family, many  critters and the economic well being in the watershed. It is contaminating and impairing Lake Huron.


Dow is proposing (read last week's Dow full color spread in the local papers) the best way to proceed for the community and the environment is with an Administrative Order on Consent. Odds are these Consent Orders would be behind closed doors— However  Dow's corrective action license ( RCRA ) signed by Dow Chemical and the State of Michigan is still in play and enforceable.  This 'contract' is legal and binding: (http://www.michigan.gov/deq/0,1607,7-135-3312_4118_4240-53424--,00.html). Dow's fearless accountability begins with the honoring their contract with the people of Michigan.


However, hard as Dow may try and push this issue behind closed doors it cannot happen without the permission of our elected and appointed officials. We are hopeful that those elected to represent the people embrace the notion that the citizens are the rightful property owners of these resources and indeed the inhabitants of  properties contaminated by Dow. There are no more important stakeholders.





The dredge spoils site on the Saginaw River will hopefully be getting more of a critical look by everyone given the 1.6 million ppt found in the Saginaw River- As of this past week, DEQ still does not have an Operational Management Plan- an engineering design plan for the slurry wall has not been submitted, so no cost estimates can be calculated and the Corp is not going to contract someone without a cost estimate. The permits are still pending in anticipation of Saginaw County and the Corp of Engineers giving the DEQ something to base the permits on.  Does appear that Dow's lobbyists and legal counsel have been in attendance at recent meetings. There is a  great deal of unknown information and dealings on this site owned by the taxpayers, imposed on the townships and absent any control by those taxpayers or townships. The Corp has complete control not Saginaw County.  Anyone else think it's long past due for a public hearing to bring everyone up to speed on this site?


Stay Warm

Hopefully we will hear some good news at the next DEQ quarterly meeting ( Feb. 7th) regarding plans for 2008 and what additional steps will be advanced  to clean up our river and address the properties of residents living along the rivers.  In the meantime get out and about in this watershed. Experience this watershed and decide what  natural legacy you wish to leave future generations.



Best Regards,


Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council


Source: Lone Tree Council / TRW

For additional articles like this one, go to the Tittabawassee River Watch web site www.trwnews.net. for complete coverage of the Tittabawassee River Dow Chemical dioxin contamination saga.. The source organization's web site link is listed above. The Newspaper / Media page of our site contains an extensive archive of media articles dating back to January 2002. The Newspaper / Media page may be accessed by scrolling down to the bottom of the CONTENTS section and clicking on the Newspaper/Media link.