EPA outlines dioxin clean-up plan for Tittabawassee River region. Does the plan go far enough?
by Rob Herman Posted: 04.28.2011 at 11:52 PM NBC25 TV

SAGINAW VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY -- Residents living along the Tittabawassee River got a chance to learn of a new plan to clean up dioxin levels near a small island. The location is near Weiss Street and M-47 in Saginaw county. Residents living near there sat in on a meeting hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency at Saginaw Valley State University to study the plan and provide input, yet many felt as if they had more questions rather than answers by the end of the session. "It's frustrating because this contamination is basically a health risk," said Betsy Damore. "We're getting answers but the answers are coming very slow and they seem to be repetitive answers and we're not getting down to the nitty gritty." The proposal includes methods of controlling contaminated sediment near the island (known as Reach MM) and preventing it from moving down stream, as erosion takes place. EPA specialist Mary Logan helped outline the plan and acknowledged the public's frustration, but said the plan was part of a larger effort to "reduce the unacceptable risks to human health and the environment." The government will be taking public input on the plan through late may. You can study the overview here.


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