Granholm joins Dow Chemical board of directors

 By Eartha Jane Melzer, The Michigan Messanger
| 03.24.11 | 3:11 pm

Just months after ending an eight year long term as governor, Jennifer Granholm has joined the Dow Chemical board of directors.

In announcing her new role Dow Chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris said that Ganholm has a “demonstrated track record of cultivating many public-sector and private-sector collaborations that have laid the groundwork for profitable and sustainable growth for 21st century manufacturing.”

The Midland Daily News reports:

Granholm’s appointment may seem a natural fit for Dow, a Michigan company that has invested heavily in clean energy fields such as solar and battery technology as the company has transformed itself in recent years. As governor, Granholm made multiple stops in Midland to highlight hundreds of millions in state tax incentives for Dow and its subsidiaries for clean energy projects that have boosted job opportunities in the region.

Tax breaks aren’t the only way the Granholm administration helped Dow Chemical.

Dow is responsible for a 52 mile long plume of chemical contamination that stretches from its Midland plant through the Tittabawassee and Saginaw Rivers and into Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay.

In her role as governor Granholm argued against having the federal government declare the contaminated area a Superfund site — a move that could have allowed for relocation of people living in the contaminated zone.


Neill D varner 1 day ago

Interesting observation that two of the past administration's superstars: Jennifer Granholm and Andy Coulouris have both joined the DOW family , one as a Board member, the other as a lobbyist. NOt to forget to mention the Chamber of Commerce, Veronica Horn's, role there....this transition could portend 'good' for the chemical giant which has been besieged with environmental concerns by an outraged public ...Voices from the very public ex-Governor's office , Michigan Legislature , and Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce can do a lot to dispel the demonizing of DOW albeit at some risk to their own credibility........we wish them and DOW good luck as future remediation strategies at contamination sites evolve.........

Betsy Rose 10 hours ago

Very sad and disappointing. Just a bunch of crooks the ex-governor and dow chemical. Poisioning people and the environment to line their pockets.

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