Dioxin-like hot spot found in Saginaw River

Dow Chemical Company says there's immediate threat to environment

By Terry Camp SAGINAW (WJRT) -

(11/13/07)--The Dow Chemical Company says a dioxin-like hot spot found in the Saginaw River doesn't pose an immediate threat to the environment
The sample was taken just last week. But the finding didn't stop the dozens of people from fishing in that area Tuesday.

The sample was one of about 30 taken from the Saginaw River. It registered a very high level of dioxin-like material, but that didn't scare some outdoorsmen.Walleye. That's why there were plenty of boats on the Saginaw River. People trying to lure walleye.

The sample was found near Wickes Park in Saginaw.

"The concentration is a bit of a surprise," said John Musser of Dow Chemical, adding that the material most likely came from Dow plants several decades ago.

"The profile looks to be pretty consistent with the material we have sampled in the Tittabawassee River."

But, he adds, it's not believed to be a large deposit.

"This concentration is roughly the equivalent of six drops of ink in a 55-gallon drum of water," Musser said.

Getting back to those looking for walleye, they are more worried about low water levels.

Dow Chemical is working with the Environmental Protection Agency and the state Department of Environmental Quality to remove the contaminated soil as quickly as possible.

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