03/10/06 How to increase your dioxin levels 3,900%
Answer: Live on the Tittabawassee River and ignore the MDEQ/MDCH Soil, Fish, and Wild Game advisories.

Click to enlargeTittabawassee River residents who are considered "Priority 2" properties in accordance to Dow's Interim Remedial Actions demanded by the state received their information packets in the mail this week.  All of it is very informative, especially on page 10 and 11. State toxicologists have created a graph comparing levels of exposure in different scenarios.  For instance, a person living in the floodplain who tries to limit exposures through dust inhalation, etc., and only eats one meal of walleye per month has a 320% increase in exposure compared to someone who doesn't live in the contaminated area.  Someone who does not try to reduce their exposure and eats 8 meals of sports fish per month have a 3,900% increase in exposure compared to a person not living in an area like ours.  Take a look, click on the graph above to enlarge.

A through explanation of the above graph can be found in the MDEQ pamphlet:

Additional pamphlets included in the priority 2 package:

Source: Tittabawassee River Watch

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