No quick fix

Editor; The Saginaw News


Dow Chemical Co. is in the process of collecting game animals for dioxin tests. The list includes deer, a turkey and a rabbit.

I hope the list also includes a goose or other migratory bird, an aquatic mammal that feeds on aquatic roots, and a mammal that feeds on aquatic animal matter -- say a muskrat, an otter, or a raccoon. I also hope they include a fox or other predator that will show the effect of feeding on small floodplain mammals or a predatory bird.

These tests should shed some light on concentration levels in animals as we go further up the food chain.

It might also prove beneficial if Dow were to live trap mice and perform a breeding program for a fair number of generations. We might find out about cancer incidence, mutations, and other organ anomalies.

I am fearful to know what, if any, the impact will be on my great- and great-grand children. Can I morally and ethically sell my property? Will I be placing others in harm's way? Can others sue me or my children for putting them in harm's way?

There is no quick fix or cleanup.

William Cox

Saginaw Township