Act on dioxin

To the Editor, the Saginaw News, 10/23/03

Is anyone really surprised by the results of the recent Department of Environmental Quality study that found very high levels of dioxin in fish and wildlife eggs?

Dow Chemical needs to clean up the entire watershed. The debate over Dow's dioxin has been going on for years because Dow has the ability to buy influence, buy time, and manipulate the system.

With a huge financial interest in the outcome of this issue, it is ridiculous for Dow to be allowed to educate the public on dioxin and solicit public comments on what to do. I pay my tax dollars and expect public health officials in Lansing to determine what is safe and how we should proceed.

Midland resident always have and always will turn a blind eye to Dow's contamination. Their defense of Dow has been key in avoiding a complete investigation into sources and extent of the dioxin contamination in Midland.

This cannot be permitted to happen in Saginaw County.

Val Groening

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