Name: Todd Keidel

Midland Daily News Reader Comment

Date: Dec, 10 2003

This has to be frustrating to the residents along the river, however, I would love to own some of that riverfront property regardless. If you think it's hurting your property value and want to sell your riverfront acreage, I'd love to have it. Just being downriver from Dow period will lower your property value.

I've seen reports where birds up by the Mackinaw Bridge have deformed bills because of dioxins making there way all the way up there. Why is Dow "allowed" to release poisons into the atmosphere and water AT ALL? They usually say, "It's only so many ppm (parts per million)", however, after a while, that adds up. I call it Legal Littering. If I throw trash (even a very small amount) on the street, I get a ticket. If I do it everyday, it piles up. Dow dumps stuff into the air and water everyday and it's okay.


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