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Shelly Lawrence & Greg Simmons  1/15/03

We are still in the early stages of learning about the
whole impact of Dioxin, but we would like to thank
another one of this sites supporters, Michelle
Hurd-Riddick, for educating us thus far. Both of us
being in the emergency services sector of public
service, we are always interested to know about what
future illnesses we may have to provide care for.
With our limited understanding of the 'big picture' at
this point, we keep thinking back to a few somewhat
recent movies, "Erin Brockovich" & "A Civil Action",
and wonder if Dow is starting to fear the future.
Could that be a small part of why they NEED the levels
raised, not just to evade their obligation to the
environment and the citizens they have affected.
FIGHT the GOOD FIGHT! and we will check back here, and
with MHR, to keep up-to-date.

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