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Sue Cameron 4/12/05

'Chemical assault'

Editor, The News:

The Army Corps of Engineers may not be spraying Agent Orange on a village, but they will be doing essentially the same thing by releasing toxins into the environment for the next 20 years, from a poorly planned, cheaply built, unconfined dredge disposal facility.

We don't have to accept this chemical assault. When Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality fails to protect us, we must make a united, committed effort to demand proper cleanup of the watershed.

The Department of Environmental Quality, in its intimate relationship with Dow, has demonstrated a careless lack of concern for public safety.

In addition to allowing the chemical giant to continue a legacy of environmental destruction, the state has now given its blessing to expand the destruction by issuing permits for dumping dioxin in an inadequate dredge disposal facility near homes in the wetland area of Zilwaukee and Frankenlust townships. The DEQ is permitting the creation of another poisonous mess for future generations to clean up.

Dow has abundant resources and Dow owns land near the mouth of the Saginaw River. Let Dow do more than put glittering signs on public buildings; let Dow build a proper landfill designed to contain dioxin-contaminated dredge material.

It may cost more to transport toxic dredge material downstream to a Dow-owned facility, but I contend the health and welfare of people and wildlife in our watershed are worth it.

Sue Cameron

Zilwaukee Township

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