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Richard Stimpson, 06/16/06, Letter to the Editor, Saginaw News

Sediment worries
Editor, The News:
The beautiful new rock wall in Freeland's park is under water.  Muddy, dioxin-laden river water pours into the park, swirls lazily over all the grounds and parking areas (releasing its sediment), and flows back out to the river at the south end of the wall.
This lovely park, so recently landscaped and covered with clean soil, is once again a settling pond for Dow's dioxin.
Will the News run photos of the sediments left behind?  Will we see the street sweeper busily brushing the dusty contamination off the paved surface onto the grass, as was done last year at Imerman Park?
What insane decision-making process keeps our parks in areas that flood?  Why do we enhance parks in "toxic waste facilities" for our children to use?
The park looked pretty last fall, but now it is once again covered and permeated with a thick layer of dioxin.  How foolish to keep smearing this contamination around, and how cruel to keep luring children to ingest the toxins.  "Welcome to Freeland Park, Hansel and Gretel...try some of our pretty dioxin cake!"
Rich Stimpson

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