Dioxin dust-up

Saginaw News Editorial 102603

I just mulched my leaves wearing a little white-paper dust masks as recommended by the Health Department to protect myself from the dioxin dust.

Those masks are pretty useless. Dust was flying everywhere, and I have a thick layer of dust in my eyes, ears, nose, and all over by exposed skin.

Question: Do I need to discard the clothes I wore, or is it safe to toss my dioxin dust-laden jeans, shirt, and socks in with my family's other stuff in our washer?

By the way, it's crazy to think a stone wall and two feet of clean soil will cure the Freeland park. Next time the river floods, the wall will be catching and holding lots more dioxin and the new fill dirt will all be contaminated, too.

The dioxin needs to be cleaned u - now - not just smeared around forever.

Richard Stimpson

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