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Richard Maltby, 02/2/07, Letter to the TRWNEWS

February 2, 2007
TRW Current News:
In response to Richard Pastula's letter, "Erroneous conclusions," published in the Midland Daily News, February 1, 2007, I would point out that my letter was submitted to the Midland Daily News prior to the January 11, 2007 Dow article. My letter was published January 12. Also my remarks had nothing to do with the January 11 Dow article.
Furthermore, I would say any citizen confronted with the history of Dow's pollution of the Saginaw Valley ought to feel outraged, as I have expressed in many letters and in my book "The Pollution Signature" and the four episodes of "The Dioxin Story." Copies of my books have been given to the Dow Chemical Company, DEQ, EPA, and area libraries, newspapers and nature centers.
I will continue to monitor Dow's involvement in the cleanup of the community, the Tittabawassee and Saginaw rivers, and the Saginaw Bay. And I will continue to register my criticism of the Dow Chemical Company when I know it is justified. After all, that is my duty as a professional environmental planner certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners.
Also I am obligated to uphold the AICP Code of Professional Conduct. Until the dioxin-contaminated areas in the Saginaw Valley are restored to a clean and heathy environment, I must strive to continue to protect the integrity of the natural environment and must follow several other professional obligations to serve the public interest.
In view of my environmental management planning work experience in Western New York, I would not want to see the Niagara Falls Love Canal tregedy repeated here in the Saginaw Valley.
Richard A. Maltby

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