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Richard Maltby 06/07/05

Where is Midland's compassion?

To the editor:

In reading Kathie Marchlewski's articles (Midland Daily News, May 25, 2005), "Some comments on dioxin bill heard" and "Tomion: DEQ brought to the negotiating table," it all sounds like the blind leading the blind.

After 25 years of doing nothing to clean up the dioxin mess, Midlanders are still entrenched in pursuing a faulty assumption of the extent of dioxin exposure in their community.

Rather than biting the bullet, as did the regional planning board and citizens in three years time in western New York regarding Love Canal and Hooker Chemical Corp., to require neutralization and/or removal of toxic chemical wastes, it is clear that our state legislators, business leaders, municipal and county health officials are perpetuating a false sense of security.

It would be admirable if the state legislators and Midland community would come clean and lead the community residents exposed to dioxin in public health protection. Adopting the "precautionary principle" rather than Rep. John Moolenaar's and Sen. Mike Goschka's proposed legislation can do that. The "precautionary principle" states a new principle for human activities, involving both science and ethics to prevent harm to the environment and to human health.

As stated by Colleen F. Moore in "Silent Scourge": "The best science by itself cannot solve the pollution problems we face today, nor can it prevent problems in the future, because science by itself does not make environmental policy: ethics and value considerations are central to policy."

Midland, where is your compassion?



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