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Richard Maltby, 01/12/07, Letter to the editor, Midland Daily News

Where’s ‘human element’?

To the editor:

Interesting reading: "Dow’s new business model ‘defies gravity’" and "Dow setting example inside and out" (Midland Daily News, Jan. 1, 2007). New Year’s Day, 2007, brought no further word about Dow’s plans to revive the Tittabawassee. Instead, Dow Chemical Co. Chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris said his first task was staying the course: Institutionalizing cost reductions, reducing debt, improving earnings and cash flow. "Getting the company fit," but no specific word on getting the Saginaw Bay watershed ecologically and humanely fit.

Instead, Daily News reporter Kathie Marchlewski again reported on Dow’s "Human Element" campaign and more of Dow’s non-committal goals and generalities of becoming people-centered and environmentally committed without specifying any actions to cleanup the dioxin contamination of Midland neighborhoods, Saginaw Bay, and the Tittabawassee and Saginaw rivers and floodplains.

Really, Dow’s "Human Element" means very little now to the residents of the Saginaw Valley.

Richard A. Maltby

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