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Roger Kahn 3/6/03 Response to John Taylor

Hi John,
I wanted to followup with you on what I have found out this week. First you should know that your letter to me and also those of Kathy Henry and the coach were appreciated. They energize me.

Here is what I have found. The county at this time has not changed its position. That position is to seek a risk exposure study and health assessment. Closure on the dioxin issue is not expected for some time.

On the state level there is a general belief that the usual (prior) process will now be allowed to work through remediation issues and that dioxin will be treated as a licensing issue. The Tittabawassee flood plain is being considered an off site discharge. The ATSDR will be deferring (?) to the DCH/DEQ as primary agent to lead the process.

Unfortunately all the above is pretty soft data and therefore may be fluid. However it gives you a sense of where this is on March 6.

You may use this letter in any way you feel fit.
Best regards,
Roger Kahn

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