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Pat Weatherbee, 01/22/08, Letter to the editor, Saginaw News

Time to stop coddling Dow
Monday, January 22, 2008 Editor, The News:

Regarding The Saginaw News story about the Environmental Protection Agency no longer negotiating with Dow Chemical, it's interesting that my state representative, Ken Horn, thinks the EPA should keep negotiating with Dow. How long does Horn think this company should be coddled?

At the state and local levels, Dow has been negotiated with for years.

The EPA says Dow's cleanup plan does not protect public health. It's the same thing the Department of Environmental Quality and the Michigan Department of Community Health have been saying for years.

Perhaps Horn thinks the polluter knows best.

Horn goes on to say that the EPA needs to get serious.

Well, you get serious. Get serious about defending children and families living in this contamination and stop wasting taxpayers' money expecting the agencies to negotiate forever with Dow.

This river needs to be cleaned up, and Lake Huron needs to be protected.

Pat Weatherbee

Saginaw Township

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