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Paul Hanly, 04/26/06, Reader Opinion to MDN 042506 article

90 ppt dioxin applied in major residential redevelopments. Sydney, Australia.

Two majore redevelopments of dioxin contaminated lands have voluntarily applied a standard of less than 90 ppt dioxin in the top metre (3 ft 3 ins) of soil on the site. That soil is then to be covered with another half metre (20 ins) of uncontaminated landscaping material.

The reason given by one developer for the 90 ppt of dioxin in the top metre was to protect children's health. Children, because of their lower body weights, must have a greatly lower intake of dioxin per day than adults.

Even though these developments will house about 2500 people in multi storey apartments rather than traditional single dwellings with yards, the 90 ppt was specifically recognized as necessary to protect children in material provided by one remediator to a Commission of Inquiry.

How much more necessary is the 90 ppt standard for single dwelling residences with yards where children can be expected to play so much longer outdoors.

Michigan should maintain its standard to protect children's health.

Google Rhodes remediation for more information.

Paul Hanly, Rhodes, NSW, Australia