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Paul Damore, 07/31/05, reader opinion to SN article 07/10/05

Dioxin threat real

The Threat of Dioxin is real. In 1998 Dow Chemical sent a report to the EPA because of an increased report of stomach and prostate cancer in dioxin exposed workers. In May 2004 Mike Krecek Midland Community Health Director told citizens that Midland has higher than state and national averages of diabetes, and certain cancers! A MDCH study proves people along the river have higher levels of dioxin in their bodies. A game advisory warns against eating the animals along in the Tittabawassee River floodplain because of dioxin. Vietnam Veterans exposed to dioxin (Agent Orange) are having problems related to that, in which Dow has given $180 million for medical monitoring.

This should set of alarms, people should take action, but no! The Fab Five – Camp, Goschka, Stamas, Moolenaar, and Kahn put their special interests before the health and investments of the average citizen in their districts. Camp ($1 million of Dow Stock) will make sure he helps Dow before he helps the average citizen.

Dow’s friends Dr Shaheen and the Fab Five, will downplay these truths about dioxin. Any educated person on dioxin would have laughed at Shaheen’s editorial. If Shaheen claims he isn’t involved with Dow Chemical, then why does he defend the company at every chance he can get?

In all honestly Dow, The Fab Five and Friends treat citizens like we are stupid, lie to our faces, or tell you “I will get back toyou.” Citizens need to educate themselves and ask questions to the politicians and Dow’s citizens and groups and see through the smiles and talk and realize how illogical and ignorant these people are.

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