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Paul Damore  05/01/05

Hiding dioxin

Editor, The Saginaw News:

Sen. Mike Goschka, Republican of Brant Township, has proposed legislation to rid the facility label from dioxin contaminated properties in Saginaw County.

The legislation is an attempt to hide the dioxin contamination problem and free Dow from its clean-up responsibilities.

He is either a hypocrite or a liar. Goschka called me in the summer of 2004, and during our phone conversation, the senator stated he would feel wronged if someone hid the dioxin contamination issue from him.

Goschka is hiding the dioxin contamination with his legislation, and I feel wronged.

People within the region need to start paying close attention to their legislators, because lawmakers such as Goschka; Rep. John Moolenaar, Republican of Midland; and state Sen. Tony Stamas, Republican of Midland, are placing Dow's burden on the taxpayers.

I would rather see our tax monies fund the struggling Saginaw schools, police and roads, instead of weaseling Dow out of its dioxin cleanup responsibilities.

I am no longer a Goschka supporter, and I am personally glad he is term-limited out of office. He can shake more hands and kiss more babies with chloracne and tumors, because that will be the effect of his legislation.

Paul Damore

James Township

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