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Paul Damore, Flood Plain Resident,  06/03/05

Comments on the May 24th Hearing on House Bill 4617

The House Government Operations Committee Hearing on May 24th, discussing HB 4617 sponsored by Rep. Moolenaar was completely one sided. Not a single resident that opposes this bill was given the floor to speak. While, four residents that are for the bill spoke, with each resident saying the same exact comment, but with different words, with at least 10 minutes a piece to talk. Sadly enough it seemed the committee didn’t care to hear anyone who opposed the bill, because if the committee did care, we would have been able to speak.

The Committee Members themselves seemed unaware of the dangers of dioxin or ignored the dangers completely and directed the majority of questions trying to prove that the DEQ was the bad guy. The words Dow Chemical and dioxin were hardly mentioned throughout this hearing. Sadly enough everyone’s fight was with the DEQ. It is sad to say this committee asked horrible questions, and at times made rude and insanely bias comments (Rep. Garfield).

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