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Marcia Woodman, 04/04/08, Letter to the editor, Saginaw News

Don't blame the environmentalists

Regarding the Chamber of Commerce president's My View, ''River cleanup lies in facts not emotion,'' trying to make the environmental community out to be the fall guy in the dioxin controversy is absurd.

Are the chamber and its membership aware that more than 300 residents signed on to be represented in the class action against Dow Chemical Co. for putting dioxin on our properties and altering how many of us use and view our property and the river outside our door?

We talk with the regulatory agencies, and we attend the meetings. Many of us, frustrated as we are at times with the snail's pace on cleanup, realize that Dow has created most of the delays. The chamber just wants to manipulate this issue, change the focus and make it look like a handful of people are out to villainize Dow. Frankly, Dow is its own worst enemy; creating delays, running from agency to agency, university to university to avoid responsibility.

It's time for the Environmental Protection Agency or the Department of Environmental Quality to write Dow's cleanup plan for them. Dow has shown itself to be irresponsible with its contamination as well as its willingness to clean it up.

The chamber president stated the ''no individual has been ill due to the effects of furans/dioxin in the Tittabawassee River.'' In the absence of any health study or epidemiological study, I have no clue what he is basing his information on. It does, however, call into question his other statement about the chamber basing its positions on ''expert scientific studies.'' I am here to tell you there have been no studies done to date to draw the conclusions that he puts forth.

As a registered nurse, mother and river resident, I am not willing to be placated by Dow's philanthropy nor am I going to be critical of the ''environmentalists'' for their commitment to our community and this river. I applaud them.

Marcia Woodman

Tittabawassee Township

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