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Melissa Whitney 12/04/04 (posted as reader comment on MDN aritcle)

My home has been for sale for eight months, listed at 10% below the tax value. Thanks to Bushonomics, the real estate market in Midland is so bad I don't think you would notice whether it is being affected by the dioxin. It is annoying to me, because my house is on the west side of town, and I don't feel like I should have to lower the price of my house again, when I feel like it should be worth at least $50,000 more than the same house on the eastern side of town. I don't understand why people are still pretending that the houses in the half of the town contaminated by the dioxiin are still worth anything.

It is so helpful to their clients that the realtors send them to the City of Midland webstie to get bad information, instead of www.trwnews.net

Melissa Whitney


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