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Marti Stimpson 02/22/05

Who Do We Trust?

The Saginaw News, February 22, 2005

Editor, The News:

The news advises us to wait and trust that our dioxin contamination will be well handled. ("Awaiting the dioxin diagnosis," Feb. 13)

Who are we suppose to trust? Dow's soothing public relation is repeated verbatim in the local media, even though Dow's actions have historically centered more on denial and delay than protecting public health.

Earnest geezers urge us to believe that flood "visits" from the river are to be treasured, not feared. Dow-paid shills vow to produce unbiased studies, but design protocols that are off-target and unverifiable.

Government officials sit in months of secret meetings with Dow, then announce that the best plan is to let Dow regulate not only themselves, but also the regulators.

Department of Environmental Quality scientists are prevented from speaking publicly on the issue.

Dow swept its dioxin under Saginaw County's rug, and now assure us it's not a problem.

The company seeks lower property taxes because of the dioxin on the plant site, but tell us that all our house needs is a good dusting.

While we wait for another lengthy , Dow-funded study to bolster their contentions, our public health continues to marinate in dioxin.

For the sake of all the children growing up in this contamination, I hope the public's patience and trust is wisely spent.

Marti Stimpson


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