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Michelle Hurd Riddick, 09/26/07, Letter to the editor, Midland Daily News

Comparison invalid

To the editor:

Regarding the Daily News' editorial "EPA should finish the work." Your apples and oranges comparisons do little to educate your readers to anything but your lack of understanding of Dow's corrective action requirements. I agree it is long past due for the dioxin reassessment to go public, yet I fail to understand what that has to do with EPA walking away from a process that is not transparent. Suggesting EPA is walking away like a spoiled child while ignoring the substantive issue of transparency and EPA's obligation to enforce the requirements of the federal license is irresponsible on the part of the MDN.

RCRA corrective action requires the corrective action process be transparent. If the MDN would read the latest Notice of Deficiency you find Dow's most recent attempts to secret away information on the Saginaw River. If you would file an occasional FOIA you would find some 440 documents on corrective action not subject to public scrutiny under the ADR process which was set up while the state was behind closed doors with Dow for eight months. MDN would also find documents where EPA is making it clear they ... "are concerned that Dow is attempting to use the ADR process to keep a document that would be required by the operating license confidential" ( March 9, 2006).

I would like to think the MDN still considers community right to know and transparency a cornerstone of critical importance especially over something as magnificent as this state's water resources. When any public process isn't transparent, I would like to think the MDN would use their soapbox to correct such a democratic failing.

Michelle Hurd Riddick

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