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Mary Ellen Garrett, 04/16/06, Letter to the Editor: Saginaw News

Dioxin problems

Editor, The News:

The April 7 article, "Shipping imperiled," could just as easily have been titled, "Dioxin causes more problems." The article points out all of the problems this toxic sludge is causing for the shipping companies who want the river dredged.

The insinuation is that the blame belongs on environmentalists. The environmentalists didn't put the dioxins and other toxins into the silt. Dow Chemical and other industries did.

If the shipping companies are so concerned about the contracts for the Army Corps of Engineers drying up, why don't they demand money for the containment system from the source of the pollutant -- Dow Chemical? How about demanding some corporate responsibility?

As much as we don't want to admit it, we are a part of our ecosystem -- a clever part, capable of grand changes to the environment, but a part nonetheless.

The whole construct of people versus the environment is false.

If we continue in this falsehood we will be our own destroyers.

Mary Ellen Garrett


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