Name: Michael Johnson

Date: Sep, 10 2003

Citizen opinion posted in response to Midland Daily News article Dow Asked to Do More

The lone Tree Organization has hit the nail on the head! Dow of course, is only delaying the inevitable on this matter and should do the right thing and start NOW. Sure it will take millions of dollars but.........they did it themselves! Any other business would be expected to do the same thing (clean up their mess). Unfortunately, Dow's corporate lawyers can delay this for a great number of years, and that's exactly what they more than likely will do. Hoping people that brought these suits against them will simply move, run out of money to fight them or die! I've always read how Dow is such a good neighbor? Perhaps if city council was to grant them another massive tax break they(Dow)could afford to clean up their (and many neighbors) back yards! That's not very neighborly to contaminate the area and then refuse the clean it up now is it? Keep up the pressure Lone Tree!